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Here’s How Yoga Can Help With Your Back Pain

Many Americans are currently plagued by back pain. It’s believed that around 30 million Americans experience some form of low-back pain at any given time. Back pain disorders can be treated in a number of ways, including visiting chiropractors and applying other forms of rehabilitation. There is also another form of treatment that can help with your back pain, and that’s yoga. Yoga, according to Merriam-Webster, is a system of postures and breathing techniques that help promote physical and emotional well-being. This article will look at some of the ways yoga can help with your back pain.

  • Yoga Promotes Proper Body Alignment: One way yoga can help with back pain is that it promotes proper body alignment. The different yoga poses, according to Spine-Health, require the body to hold a variety of positions that include holding the back straight. Repeating these poses over a long period of time helps the back and the rest of the body align properly, which can reduce back pain, particularly in the lower back.
  • Yoga Relaxes the Muscles: Another way yoga can help with back pain is that it relaxes muscles all over the body. Yoga, according to Spine-Health, is designed to stretch and relax muscles, which releases tension. Releasing tension, by extension, can help ease back pain, since back pain can often be caused by muscle tension.
  • Yoga Strengthens Muscles: A third way yoga can help with back pain is by strengthening muscles. While yoga is thought of by many as purely an exercise in meditation, but it is also a legitimate form of physical exercise, particularly if it is practiced on a daily basis. And like any form of exercise, yoga can strengthen the muscles as the body moves through and holds various poses. Strengthening the muscles, particularly back muscles, can also help reduce back pain because yoga strengthens muscles all over the body and helps them support the body, and the back, better than they did before.

In conclusion, yoga can help with back pain in several ways. These include, but are certainly not limited to: promoting proper body alignment, relaxing the muscles, and strengthening the body’s muscles. These are all ways that yoga can be used to help alleviate back pain over a long period of time.

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