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Urgent Care Isn’t Only For Fractures And Colds Why You Should Swing By For A Check-Up This Month

Urgent care services don’t just have to be for serious issues. In fact, they’re much more flexible than you realize.

You turn to urgent care services when you have a stubborn rash that only seems to get worse throughout the week. You swing by the clinic when you remember you need to get your flu vaccination. When you have a health issue — from minor pain to a moderate illness — walk in health clinics are there to help. Bellevue medical care knows how difficult it can be managing medical conditions, much less juggling the medical industry. With quality care and short wait times, you don’t have to worry next time you’re feeling under the weather.

What can the best doctors provide you at a moment’s notice? Learn about urgent care below and make sure you’re always ready to go.

Chronic Pain Issues Can Be Diagnosed And Referred

You might have a chronic issue you’ve been managing for years. Perhaps you have two or three. Do you wonder how much better you could be living if your pain was reduced? A recent study found chronic pain to be more common than ever — one out of 10 Baby Boomers, in particular, report their physical activity is limited to just a few days a month. Whether it’s lower back pain or stubborn migraines, a visit to your Bellevue medical clinic will see you properly diagnosed.

Minor To Moderate Illnesses Will Be Treated

Let’s say you’ve been dealing with a fever that lasts longer than normal. You’ve been nauseous, fatigued, and struggling to treat yourself at home. Walk in health clinics will provide you pain relief — or a possible alternate diagnosis — to get you back up to speed. The most common diagnosis brought to urgent care clinics nowadays are upper respiratory conditions and migraines. From the flu to the common cold, you can trust that you’ll leave feeling a little better.

Surprise Cuts, Burns, And Fractures Can Receive Treatment

It’s scary being injured. Not only do you have to contend with stopping the issue from getting worse, you have to face down a medical bill. Walk in health clinics combine the convenience of a surprise visit with the relief of a low cost model. According to a recent study, four out of five urgent care centers provide fracture care services — it’s estimated over 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain each day, to boot. When you’re tempted to go to the emergency room, urgent care services will provide you the same quality care for a third of the cost.

Preventative Care Is Done With Just One Visit

As stated above, you don’t have to seek out urgent care clinics only when things are getting bad. You can also visit them to make sure you’re covered on the preventative care front. This means getting a physical, STD testing, pap smears, vaccinations, and mental health exams, among other things. After you receive your results you can then request another visit or a referral, whichever one is necessary. Ask the doctors about how they can help you live your best life, even if it’s just a simple consultation.

A Low Cost Model And Several Locations Create Flexibility

Walk in clinics are easily one of the most convenient medical care resources. Whether you have employer-based insurance or no insurance at all, doctors for urgent care are always ready to help. Urgent care cost models are low, designed to be as accommodating as possible to all budgets and walks of life. Over 85% are open seven days a week and it’s estimated, thanks to the Urgent Care Association, over three million patients visit them weekly. It’s more than likely you have several in your area already, but it never hurts to double-check their locations and availability.

Stay healthy year-round. Swing by your local walk in health clinics and ask for a check-up!

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