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Who is DrSinel?

More than 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic back pain worldwide, and unfortunately, seeing chiropractors may not be enough.
Most individuals may need to see an actual doctor.
It is not to say that chiropractors are not qualified.
In fact, there are a lot of high exceptional chiropractors in the world.
However, all they can’t do much other than operate on the body.
They cannot do a full diagnosis.
Doctors are qualified to prescribe medicine to patient.
Moreover, they can give a patient a diagnosis and tell them what’s wrong, but for the most part, that’s all they can do.
Many patients still have back problems even after going to a doctor.
They will tell them what’s wrong, but they won’t actually resolve the problem.
Their method of practice may be a little dated.
And as far as medication goes, that only alleviate s the pain momentarily.
Because of this, people have been gravitating more to yoga.
During a study, it’s conducted 313 people what have chronic back pain, took a weekly yoga class and their mobility has increased immensely, even more than standard medical care.
There just so happen to be a doctor in the Santa Monica area that specializes in yoga therapy.
His name is Dr. Michael Sinel MD.

Doctors such as Dr. Michael Sinel MD, are very beneficial to the world of modern medicine because they are open-minded.
Most doctors favor the traditional method of internal medicine.
They may use updated equipment, but some wouldn’t dare recommend yoga, they don’t deem it as medical practice.
Dr. Sinel studied at NYU Medical Center under another name called John Sarno MD becoming an expert in stress-related back pain.
He has also garnered certifications as a yoga therapist and mindfulness-based stress reduction instructor.
He has taught a vast amount of workshops.
Sinel has even established his own private practice.

His skills and non- profit work
Sinel is a well-known spinal disorder expert.
He uses alternative methods in his spinal disorder treat, to recuperate the loss of mobility in the spine.
“Back Pain Remedies for Dummies” and “Win the Battle Against Back Pain.” are the name of two books that he has written and had published.
After obtaining his medical degree, he started a general internship at Staten Island University Hospital in New York.
Soon after, he initiated a three-year residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and New York Hospital.

He himself must have a passion for yoga, while simultaneously, a passion to practice medicine, as well. Sometimes it’s essential to blend two worlds.

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