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Proton Therapy for Cancer

Cancer still stands as one of the great challenges of the medical field, and existing methods for fighting it exist, with advanced cancer treatments including X-ray radiation treatment for cancer and chemotherapy, though the side effects of these methods are well known. Now, however, a new non-invasive cancer treatment is increasingly available, and that is proton therapy for cancer and…

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Heart Disease Is The Number One American Killer Staying Healthy With A Heart Care Services Check-Up

Heart care is an issue all Americans should be concerned with. While sedentary lifestyles and anxiety disorders are some of today’s most troubling health issues, cardiovascular disease has remained at the top spot for quite some time. Able to be caused by a variety of issues and exacerbated over time, medical centers today are doing their best to keep pace.…

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The 5 Benefits of Breast Augmentation That You Should Consider

Plastic surgery is a popular choice among millions of Americans, and breast augmentation in particular has seen skyrocketing rates in recent years. This is all for good reason, as breast implants have a host of benefits that should be considered if you are thinking of undergoing the procedure. 5 Benefits of Breast Augmentation Added Curves Breast implants can help add…

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