Iontophoresis, Stop the sweat

Are You Embarrassed by How Much You Sweat?

You have left high school dances earlier, avoided college parties, and declined invitations to join your work friends at a concerts. In fact, the list of places you have not gone and events you have avoided is longer than you want to admit. The fact that you are always sweating has turned you into a hermit much of the time. You go to work in carefully planned outfits, but typically find yourself coming home as soon as you are off. Except for spending summer time at the pool with friends and family, where no one can tell that you are sweating, you simply do not let yourself socialize. Avoiding times when you might have to explain away your hyperhidrosis is the goal.

Things have gotten so bad that you are actually going to do what you probably should have done many years ago. You are hopeful that with the recommeded hyperhidrosis treatment you will be able to get back to living a normal life.

Iontophoresis Machines Offer Relieve for Many People Who Are Looking to Reduce Excessive Sweating
With the use of hyperhidrosis treatments, there are many people who can find a solution to the excessive sweating problems that many people have. The latest research indicates that hyperhidrosis typically affects men and women equally, and occurs most commonly among people between the ages of 25 to 64 years. And while these are the most common perimeters of people who are affected, the reality is that the condition can cause problems for other as well.

Although the average person has two to four million sweat glands working as the body’s coolant system to protect it from overheating, the nearly 8 million Americans with hyperhidrosis sweat four to five times as much as average individuals. Fortunately, iontophoresis, what some call a no sweat machine, may provide relief. Patients typically need an average of six to 10 treatments to shut down the sweat glands, which means that people suffering from severe hyperhidrosis may need two to three iontophoresis treatments a week when they are starting treatments.

If you are tired of missing out on events with friends and outings with workers, it is in your best interest to see if hyperhidrosis treatments may be a solution for you.

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