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Questions to Your Answers About IVF Cost

Many people are interested in the artificial insemination process, available at fertility centers around the country. One in every eight couples will have difficulty conceiving, and nearly 12% of the country’s women will get infertility procedures done at some point in their life. IVF cost is always a consideration when a couple is thinking about solutions to reproduction issues. Here’s what goes into IVF cost.

Quick Action Is Key

The first consideration of all, if you want to have a child and know that IVF is likely the best route for you, is to face the reality that the sooner you act the more likely it is that the treatment will be successful. This has to be weighed in the balance will all worries about IVF cost. The younger a woman’s eggs are, the more likely they will be viable and the more likely it is that your fertility clinic will be able to help you to a successful pregnancy.

It’s Not Just a Female Problem

One of the things that goes into IVF cost is understanding and working around the entire problem. For most of history it was common to “blame” infertility on women, but modern science has been able to show that infertility is equally common among men.

For infertile couples, about a third of the time the issue is with the female partner, and another third of the time the issue is with the male partner. The final third of all infertility incidents are caused by an issue with both partners or simply can’t be explained at all. Part of IVF cost is figuring out everything that is at play and how to deal with it.

Future Treatments Can Be Cheaper

The initial IVF treatment is normally the most costly. While it’s true that some people will go through IVF and not have a successful pregnancy, the harvested eggs can be used again and subsequent attempts will be less expensive, particularly if you plan for the possibility of doing so in advance.

Check Insurance

If you’re concerned about IVF cost, it’s always a good idea to find out exactly where you stand with your insurance company. There are fifteen states where laws require insurance companies to give you coverage for fertility treatments, which are considered a medical condition. If you live in one of these states, the path to treatment will be easier. These states are:

  1. West Virginia
  2. Texas
  3. Rhode Island
  4. Ohio
  5. New York
  6. New Jersey
  7. Montana
  8. Massachusetts
  9. Maryland
  10. Louisiana
  11. Illinois
  12. Hawaii
  13. Conneticut
  14. California
  15. Arkansas

If you live outside these states, don’t give up. Many insurance plans still carry some type of coverage, and the important thing is to call and make sure you know what coverage you can expect and for how long, and what is definitely not going to be covered. Some will cover diagnostics but not treatment, while some will cover both. What your insurance company covers may also help you decide which type of treatment you want to pursue.

Don’t Give Up

Having infertility treatments in order to have a baby can be time-consuming. It’s easy to feel discouraged, but the end results are worth it. You are not alone: 6.7 million women under the age of 44 have some kind of impaired ability to either conceive or carry a baby to term, and nearly 8% of the country’s men under age 45 will have to see a fertility doctor at some point if they wish to become fathers.

IVF cost may seem out of reach, but there are options open to you. For something as important as a child, friends and family are often very willing to help, and you should always discuss options with your fertility clinic’s financial services section. There may be more choices available than you thought, and the last thing you want to do is just give up before you’ve even explored all your options.

Anyone who has gone through fertility treatments and had a baby as a result can tell you that IVF cost is worth it. If you’re facing infertility issues; don’t give up. Look into treatment options available to you and keep up hope. The answer you’re looking for could be just around the next corner.

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