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Do You Feel Good About Your Smile?

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At first, the pictures seem cute. After a while, however, you begin to notice a problem.
The stack of school pictures made their way into the official scrapbook a few months before your high school graduation. Each year of kindergarten through your senior year, your mom made sure that she chronologically scrapbooked each and every one of the pictures that your family purchased from the school photography company. They are a fun way to reminisce about each of the elementary grades, groups in middle school, and the photos of you in high school. Your mom always made sure that you wore something fairly nice to school on the school picture days. She never stressed, though, about uncombed hair, wrinkled shirts, and awkward smiles. She always said that the school pictures were a real glimpse of her children’s true selves. Without a mother standing nearby to make sure that every hair was in place, each collar was arranged, and that every awkward smile photo would be deleted, you simply walked up to the school photographer, sat on the stool, and smiled for the camera. The resulting images, your mom thought, produced both great memories and accurate images.
As you look back at those photos as an adult, however, you can trace the real problem with your smile. It wasn’t just the smile of an awkward teenager; it was a smile that was directly impacted by some serious dental issues. As the school photographs show you aging, that awkward smile turns into a tight lipped cover for seriously misaligned teeth.
You still occasionally look back through those photos, but one of the greatest days of your adult life was when you finally made the first cosmetic dentistry appointment. Listening to the staff explain the cosmetic dentistry procedures, you became anxious to begin the process of straightening your teeth, improving your smile, and increasing your self-confidence. Cosmetic dentistry may be seen as a luxury to some, but in reality, it is a necessity that can change an entire life. A beautiful smile affects how people interact with you, changes how you feel about yourself, and can even determine whether or not you get an upcoming promotion.
Cosmetic Dentistry Can Change Lives
Too many people think about cosmetic dentistry costs as a deficit, rather than an asset. the fact of the matter is, there are few investments you can make in yourself that will pay off more than investing in a healthy smile. And while 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more attractive to members of the opposite sex, the truth is that 100% of people know that an attractive smile makes a person more attractive to herself or himself. Having the confidence to smile at yourself in the mirror and like what you see is a real confidence boost. the fact that 47.2% of adults who are 30 year or older have some form of periodontal disease is an indicator that many people would benefit from more dental attention.
In addition to changing how you feel about yourself, a healthy smile can also change how other people feel about you. It may seem harsh, but how you look really does effect how successful you are in life. And while many people spend money on clothes and hairstyles to make them look better, the reality is that neither the most expensive outfit nor the trendiest haircut can detract from an ugly smile. Crooked, missing, or yellowed teeth are a turn off, but cosmetic dentistry can help you make a change.
Looking one step beyond thinking about what about people think about you, a beautiful smile may also help you get that next promotion at work. The confidence that comes from knowing that you have a beautiful smile can make you more willing to offer your opinion at a meeting, volunteer to make a presentation, and offer to show the visiting customer around the office. All of these efforts will help you get the recognition that you deserve and make you more likely to move to the top of the list for promotions and future raises.
Nearly 50% of American adults over the age of 50 agree a smile is the physical feature that stays the most attractive as we age. Are you starting with a good one?

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