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How to Choose a Weight Loss Program That Will Work For You

The average American trying to lose weight now makes four separate diet attempts every year. As we’ve all surely experienced, fads tend to come and go and gym club memberships tend to go unused after a few months. How can you find a weight loss program that you’ll actually stick with? The trick is to find something that suits you,…

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Do You Feel Good About Your Smile?

At first, the pictures seem cute. After a while, however, you begin to notice a problem. The stack of school pictures made their way into the official scrapbook a few months before your high school graduation. Each year of kindergarten through your senior year, your mom made sure that she chronologically scrapbooked each and every one of the pictures that…

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Have You Considered a Diagnostic Imaging Career?

Initially, the application process seemed over whelming. Determined to enter a new career, however, you were diligent in completing the application. You were rewarded with an acceptance into the radiology imaging program and have been extremely satisfied with the program and the new medical skills that you have been gaining. In fact, at times you catch yourself explaining to someone…

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Medical Supplies For Moms on the Go

The medical supplies industry is growing. It is forecast to make $133.5 billion dollars annually by 2025. This is great news for consumers, since it means finding a good medical equipment company will be easier than ever. A growing industry means more investors making more healthcare medical equipment and more companies to sell that equipment. Competition for consumer dollars makes…

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Are You Looking for Medical Help in Your Weight Loss Journey?

The frustration is growing. After a full year of watching what you eat and making sure that you are more active on a daily basis, you are frustrated that the weight you are trying to lose is not coming off. You are frustrated that you still have a closet full of clothes that do not fit. You are frustrated that…

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Research Shows Brain Scans Can Predict Efficacy of Psychotherapy

Anxiety and depression are real problems for many people around the planet. It has been estimated that, since 2012, nearly 16 million people in the United States have suffered from one depressive episode. This is about 7% of the American population. At least half of the people in the country who suffer from major depression never seek out psychotherapy or…

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3 Reasons People Don’t Make Time to Visit a Doctor

Far too many people, especially young people, put off going to see their doctors nowadays. It cannot be stressed enough: going to the doctor is a must for everyone. Some very serious illnesses, injuries, and medical conditions can affect anyone and it’s important that your doctor take a look so you can know what the next steps should be to…

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5 Ways to Identify and Get Rid of Head Lice

While it is hard to get reliable and accurate date of exactly how many people have problems with head lice every year but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that anywhere between six and 12 million people experience infestations every year. The people who are most often affected at children who are between three and 11 years…

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What To Expect From Your First MRI Scan

With millions of Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans performed each year, this is one of the most widely used processes to create images of the inside of the body. Radiologists use magnetic fields, radio waves, and field gradients to create pictures of the anatomy and physiological processes. These are some of the most important diagnostic tools in contemporary medicine. Diagnostic…

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