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When Was the Last Time That You Attended a Group Fitness Class?

You have to make a change. After 20 years of not watching your health, not being careful about what you eat and not being diligent about regular exercise. Now, more than 70 pounds overweight and dealing with high blood pressure and cholesterol, you are at a place where you have to make a change. Starting small, you have committed to…

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Do You Smile When You See Yourself in the Mirror Every Morning?

Looks matter. From having the confidence that is needed to approach that new worker at the office to talking to the boss about a raise, how you look can determine the amount of confidence that you have. And while there may have been a time when you were fit and trim, as you age you may find it more and…

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Where to Find a Family Doctor or a Detox Center

The American healthcare industry is a truly vast one, and there is more to it than just the ER at a hospital. Today, patients may visit doctor’s offices for mental and physical health issues of all sorts, and family practice doctors are a good place to start. These flexible family medicine doctors can take on a whole family of patients…

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Here are 3 Things to Look For in an Assisted Living Community

If you wanted senior care even in the recent past, you may not have had lots of options. Nursing homes are still common today. Still, the high-quality “just for seniors assisted living” communities that are currently popular weren’t always as widely available as they are now. There are lots of senior citizens today, and many of them are very enthusiastic…

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Here are 3 Things to Know About the Safe and Sound Protocol

Communication disorders are more common than you might think. It’s estimated that one in 10 children in all of America have a communication disorder. These disorders can be caused by hearing problems among other issues, but it can be hard to tell if your child has a problem because most hearing problems aren’t obvious in children until 12 to 18…

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Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

The decision to see a chiropractor can be a difficult one for some people. Far too often, all the encouraging facts are clouded by distracting fictions. However, those who make the commitment can experience a wealth of benefits. The solutions offered by chiropractors don’t simply focus on the basic treatment of symptoms and injuries. Rather, they take a more holistic…

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Owning Your Health Journey

Fad diets, too-good-to-be true meal plans, and trendy weight loss programs abound in the Information Age. They’re on a scroll, click, or swipe away. On the surface, they seem easy, breezy, and even fun, but in reality, they’re often difficult if not impossible to maintain, which makes following them and achieving sustainable results challenging and even unrealistic in some cases.…

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