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Owning Your Health Journey

Fad diets, too-good-to-be true meal plans, and trendy weight loss programs abound in the Information Age. They’re on a scroll, click, or swipe away.

On the surface, they seem easy, breezy, and even fun, but in reality, they’re often difficult if not impossible to maintain, which makes following them and achieving sustainable results challenging and even unrealistic in some cases. In fact, roughly 50% of Americans say they’re unsuccessful at losing weight because they lack self-discipline.

There has to be a better way, and that’s where creating a personalized health journey comes into play.

Nearly 54% of U.S. adults are currently trying to lose weight, but creating a personalized health journey is more than just a way to maintain a year-round summer body, it’s a way to transform your life and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

A healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean surviving off of expensive smoothies, bitter green juices, or eating salad for every meal. It means living an abundant life and finding balance in your emotional, mental, and physical health.

Everyone is different. Workouts and wellness plans that work for one person may not work as well for another. That’s why creating a personalized health journey is key. A personalized health journey is comprehensive in that it addresses the your overall wellness, not just a way of eating better than you are now.

Approximately 80% of dieters attempt to lose weight on their own. And while some are successful, trying to embark on a health journey without the help of a personal health coach, nutritionist, or certified personal trainer can be difficult.

Working with a professional can help you stay on track, stay motivated, and ensure you’re losing weight and working out in a safe, healthy way. In fact, most people see faster and longer lasting results by working with a health or fitness professional as part of their journey. It’s a priceless investment that can help you accept where you are now while working diligently towards where and who you want to be.

It’s easy to compare your health journey with what you see on social media or television and feel frustrated. In these instances, it’s important to remember that a personalized health journey can help you achieve the results you want. Own your health journey and get ready to meet the new you.

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