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Here are 3 Things to Know About the Safe and Sound Protocol

Communication disorders are more common than you might think. It’s estimated that one in 10 children in all of America have a communication disorder. These disorders can be caused by hearing problems among other issues, but it can be hard to tell if your child has a problem because most hearing problems aren’t obvious in children until 12 to 18 months of age. If your child has reached the age of 4 and their speech remains unintelligible, in whole or in part, then it is quite likely they have a communication disorder that will require pediatric physical therapy. As the name implies, pediatric physical therapy is physical therapy for kids and in some cases physical therapy for teens as well. One pediatric physical therapy that can help with communication disorders is the Safe and Sound Protocol (also known as the Safe and Sound therapy). This article will take a look at several things you should know about the Safe and Sound Protocol.

  • It Can Help With Communication Disorders: One of the first things to know about the Safe and Sound protocol is that it is primarily designed to help with communication disorders. The Safe and Sound Protocol is a five-day auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. By using specific types of music, the ear is slowly trained to recognize human speech patterns, which can improve their ability to communicate.
  • It Can Help With Reducing Anxiety: Another thing to know about the Safe and Sound protocol is that it can help to reduce anxiety. In a sense, anxiety and communication disorders go hand in hand together. If someone can’t regularly understand the sounds and noises occurring around them, that can naturally increase anxiety because they want to understand but they can’t. By training the patient’s ear to filter out sounds and understand what they mean, the patient’s anxiety level can potentially be reduced.
  • It Does Not Cure, It is Only a Therapy Tool: And finally, a third thing to know about the Safe and Sound Protocol is that it does not, and cannot cure a communication disorder. This is only a form of physical therapy; it can improve the situation, but it has no power to remove it completely.

In conclusion, there are several things to know about the Safe and Sound Protocol. These things include: it helps with communication disorders, it can help with reducing anxiety, and it does not cure these disorders, it is only a therapy tool. These are just a few of the things to know about the Safe and Sound Protocol.

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