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Where Do You Get the Health Care Your Family Needs?

Finding the Right Health Care Provider Is the Solution to Many Problems

You had no choice but to drive to the emergency room. Your daughter was certain that she must have eaten something that had been cross contaminated with peanuts and you were out of town. You knew where the hospital was located so you went to the emergency room, not wanting to risk the time it would have taken to find an urgent care center. This was indeed one of the times when the hospital ER was the best choice. The staff reacted quickly, immediately getting her into a room, pumping in epinephrin, and monitoring her vitals. The disaster was averted and two hours later she was released, checking one more restaurant off the list where a person with a peanut allergy should go.Two months later, and you received the bill in the mail. With only a $183 price adjustment because the charges were only slightly out of the acceptable range, your part was $2000. Because you had not yet met the $5,000 per family member deductible on your daughter, you are going to have to cover the majority of the cost.
The only comfort, of course, was knowing that on this occasion an urgent care location or family physician office visit was not an option.

Every time you need to make a decision about the health care options that you need it is important to consider three important factors: cost, convenience, and care.

Cost. Nor surprising, cost is often the most important factor to consider. In a time when more Americans than ever have access to health care, there are many policies that are more expensive than in the past. Fro this reason, it is often in a patient’s best interest to visit a reasonably priced walk in health clinic. With standard prices for the most common procedures posted on site, these options serve as an increasingly popular option for care from everything from a sprained ankle to a possible trip throat.

Another option that many find very affordable is the use of chiropractors. For instance, more than 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain, a condition that is often easily controlled with regular chiropractic visits.

In contrast, going to a hospital emergency room for a non life threatening event can mean spending thousands of dollars for are that could have more affordably been administered in a less expensive setting. As many as 31 million Americans experience low back pain at any given time, so effective care is essential.

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Convenience. We are becoming a society of convenience, so it should come as no surprise that we also want convenience in the health care that we receive. Walk in clinics provide that convenience. With late night hours, as well as weekend hours, these clinics do not require an appointment and are often the fastest and most affordable way to get the quality care that is needed for non life threatening conditions. The fact that so many of these urgent care centers boast of wait times that are 15 minutes or less is one of the reasons that this health care platform is increasingly popular.

Care. Fortunately, in addition to affordability and convenience, there are also many times when a walk in clinic provides the kind of care that patients are looking for. And while many families will continue to visit family pediatrician offices for routine immunizations and well checks, the walk in health care option fits the need for many other kinds of visits.

Another viable care option, many patients find the care they need with chiropractors. From back pain disorders to basic comfort, chiropractors help many patients live a healthier, more fulfilling life. In addition, chiropractors often offer the most effective rehabilitation options for athletes trying to get back to the sport they love.
Both walk in clinics staffed with both doctors and nurses who are knowledgeable about ankle sprains and arm breaks and chiropractic offices that help with pregnancy pain and other conditions, there are an increasing number of health care options that are available to today’s consumers. And in a time when more people have access to health insurance it is increasingly important to know that the health care industry continues to expand.

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