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Eight Ways Acupuncture Can Improve Your Health

Do you suffer from chronic headaches? Do you on your feet all day at work and suffer from constant neck and back pain? Do you suffer from common conditions like sciatica and arthritis?

If you answered yes to any of those questions and are looking for relief, one of the most common treatments you can use is acupuncture.

If you’re unfamiliar with what acupuncture is, here’s a quick rundown:

  • It’s a technique used in Chinese medicine that’s at least 3,000 years old and has been endorsed by the World Health Organization for use in treating more than 200 symptoms and diseases.
  • It helps improve the body’s natural healing processes through the use of fine needles, which are inserted into the skin to stimulate acupoints.
  • Once the needles are inserted, an acupuncturist may use heat or pressure or electricity to further stimulate those acupoints.

If the prospect of acupuncture treatment makes you uncomfortable, don’t be. An acupuncturist is trained in the treatment process and knows just what to do. Plus, whether you know it or not, acupuncture can benefit your health in several ways, especially if you’ve reached the end of your rope from stress and pain:

  • Less stress: It seems these days everything and everybody can be a source of stress in one’s life and in fact it’s the top reason most people get acupuncture treatments. A visit to an acupuncturist can reduce your anxiety, give you more feelings of happiness, lower your stress hormones and help moderate your mood.
  • Fewer headaches: Few things can be more debilitating or derail your day faster than a splitting headache that just won’t let me. Fortunately, acupuncturists have been using their treatments to relieve headaches for years and years. For those who suffer from constant migraines, acupuncture can be a godsend, rather than having to turn to over-the-counter drugs for relief.
  • Better feeling in the body: Whether you’re suffering from joint pain, back pain, neck pain, sprains or a host of other pain issues in your body, acupuncture can be a welcome relief. A typical treatment lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and involves anywhere from 5-20 needles. Those needles can help reduce swelling and inflammation in your body and as with headaches, can be a great alternative to constantly popping pain relief pills.
  • Improved immunity: Another benefit of a visit to an acupuncturist is that he/she can help improve and strengthen your immune system through acupuncture. It can help fight off harmful pathogens and can help reduce the length of time you may battle things like a common cold or a fever. With improved immunity, you’ll spend less time sick and more time for things you enjoy.
  • Allergy relief: When spring and summer arrive, scores of people are affected by the change in weather and suffer from seasonal allergies (hay fever). Acupuncture can help with that too. If you visit an acupuncturist and start treatments before the start of allergy season, you’ll more than likely be able to reduce your symptoms and reduce your use of antihistamines for relief.
  • Quitting smoking: Believe it or not, acupuncture can help you quit smoking too. It promotes the repair of your lung tissue and helps detox your body while helping you curb your cravings and lessen any irritability you feel.
  • Better focus: Do you find your self struggling to stay focused at work or feel like you’re in a sort of mental fog? Acupuncture can help give you better mental clarity and give you a much-needed surge of energy.
  • Better vision: Thousands of folks suffer from a wide spectrum of vision problems including glaucoma, myopia, color blindness and hypermetropia among other things. Acupuncture can treat some of these aliments as well as eye strain which is often connected to tension in the neck.

Acupuncture doesn’t hurt and can in fact be the answer to your prayers when it comes to pain relief. It can be used as a treatment for all the symptoms mentioned above as well as obesity, fibromyalgia, infertility in women, facial spasms and pain related to cancer among dozens of other aliments. If you’re on the fence about the treatment, talk to a licensed acupuncturist about the procedure and what you’re exactly you’re looking for as far as treatment.

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