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Urgent Care Isn’t Only For Fractures And Colds Why You Should Swing By For A Check-Up This Month

Urgent care services don’t just have to be for serious issues. In fact, they’re much more flexible than you realize. You turn to urgent care services when you have a stubborn rash that only seems to get worse throughout the week. You swing by the clinic when you remember you need to get your flu vaccination. When you have a…

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When Dizziness Takes Over Your Life, It Could Be Time to Consult an Urgent Care Doctor

Although top doctors have been struggling to isolate the causes of chronic dizziness for decades, discovering effective ways to treat the condition has been a difficult process. About two out of every three American seniors struggles with frequent dizziness and poor balance every day, and most people will have at least one bout of vertigo in their lifetimes. What makes…

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