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When Dizziness Takes Over Your Life, It Could Be Time to Consult an Urgent Care Doctor

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Although top doctors have been struggling to isolate the causes of chronic dizziness for decades, discovering effective ways to treat the condition has been a difficult process. About two out of every three American seniors struggles with frequent dizziness and poor balance every day, and most people will have at least one bout of vertigo in their lifetimes.

What makes dizziness to difficult to treat? Although the symptoms of vertigo are similar, top doctors know that there are many underlying causes. People who find doctors through their local urgent care medical clinic should be sure to bring their prescription medications with them: sometimes dizziness is caused by certain medications. If a loss of balance occurs while walking or while driving, the underlying cause could be related to motion sickness. A local doctor at an urgent care facility could see a patient with vertigo and suspect that the cause is actually an infection.

Motion sickness, genetic or acquired inner ear problems, and infection are all possible causes for chronic dizziness. Painful migraines could also cause temporary dizziness, and if vertigo is accompanied by a ringing in the ears, there could be a buildup of fluid that requires urgent medical help. Visiting the nearest urgent care clinic when symptoms first occur could help doctors figure out the true cause of any vertigo episode.

If the room spins when you sit up too quickly, or if you lose your balance suddenly while walking, your vertigo could have a genetic cause. There are thousands of Americans with undiagnosed inner ear problems who simply believe that they are clumsy, but when feelings of dizziness are accompanied by a ringing in the ear — tinnitus — and with a sensation of being about to faint, it is time to visit the nearest urgent care clinic to be examined.

Do the episodes of dizziness occur because of dehydration? People who take the time to write down when instances of vertigo occur may be able to help their local doctors decipher the reasons these episodes occur. Did you start a new medication? Do you have chronic anxiety? Doctors need to know these details, and patients may not realize that their dizziness is tied to low blood pressure or to anemia. Doctors may run extensive blood tests to help determine the causes of their patients’ dizziness.

There are also certain neurological conditions that can cause patients to experience dizziness and tinnitus: a patient who has not been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, for example, may notice that their balance is getting worse but may not realize exactly why it continues to degenerate. With such a wide range of causes for vertigo, monitoring the progression of symptoms and the frequency of episodes over several weeks is important for every patient.

People who experience episodes of dizziness should refrain from driving, excessive alcohol consumption, and outdoor activities that could place them into danger in the event of an episode of vertigo. Consulting a list of top doctors on the internet could also help narrow down treatment options: more than half of all urgent care center are owned and operated by doctors, and they have the capacity to make referrals to specialists as needed. They can also order tests, and many walk in medical clinics can provide patients with on-site prescription fulfillment services. You may be used to feeling dizzy, but is it time to do something about it?

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