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All of us want to keep in great health, but most of us would like to avoid going to the doctor any more than possible. In fact, we want to avoid it so much that we don?t go for a lot of issues that we think of as common. Take migraines, for example. Migraines are quite common, but remain undertreated in half of patients, and less than half of migraine sufferers consult a doctor about the problem. This despite the fact that depression is three times more common in people who experience severe headaches than in other people.

Then there are anxiety disorders, which also harm our health but are often ignored as ?normal.? Everyone has one, we think. In a way we?re right: Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in America. About 18% of us have one, yet only a third of those get any treatment.

We also have trouble sleeping. 50-70 million American adults have a sleep disorder of some kind, but not a lot of us seek help for insomnia. There are many more health issues that we all accept as fairly normal and simply live with, such as allergies and digestive disorders. We all want good health, but we?re not doing a whole lot to get it.

Is there anything we can do ourselves to experience a healthier life? Here are five simple things to consider:

Your Diet Might be An Issue

Recent studies show links between some of the health issues that we tend to dismiss or ignore, such as migraines, allergies, and digestive disorders. Some people see a lot of improvement in multiple areas by removing things like wheat or dairy from their diet, or by adding probiotics from yogurt or fermented foods. If you?re avoiding the doctor because you don?t want to take medications, it might be worth finding a doctor that?s open to alternative therapies who would be willing to investigate a diet route to resolving your health issues.

Reduce Your Stress

We don?t know all the precise reasons that stress affects our health: we just know that it does. Stress can play an important role in insomnia, headaches, digestive disorders, and even allergies. One of the simplest ?natural remedies? for many issues could be to first just reduce stress! If we?re not planning on visiting a doctor anyway, why not try reducing stress and seeing if that will help the issue? If it doesn?t, though, a visit to the doctor might very well be in order.

Get a Pet

This one seems counterintuitive. Surely having a pet will actually increase stress! But studies have shown that petting a dog tends to reduce a human?s blood pressure, even if the dog isn?t theirs! Pets also get us up and walking, help us connect with other people, and generally leave us in a better mood.

Cut Down on the Booze

A bit of alcohol now and then can be helpful; but too much too often is a recipe for disaster. Red wine is often a migraine trigger, and other alcohols can sometimes do it, too. And mixed drinks frequently come loaded with sugar, which is hard on the immune system and increases our susceptibility to allergies and digestive issues.

Develop Habits of Relaxation

One way to reduce stress and possibly improve general health is to learn how to relax. This might be as simple as making time for a bath on a regular basis. It could be listening to soothing music or practicing meditation. Sometimes it helps to write out a list of what we?re thankful for. Techniques vary by person, but sometimes something as simple as scheduling downtime each day can go a long way towards improving our general health.

If you?ve tried all these things and are still experiencing anxiety, insomnia, or other disorders, consider finding professionals with alternative therapies that might help you experience a healthier life. Whatever you do, don?t be content to sit and experience all these issues. Though lots of Americans may suffer from them, they aren?t normal. For many of us, there are natural treatments and diet changes that can help us live a more fulfilled and less frenzied life.

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