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Six Easy Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels


Are you looking for natural remedies for energy and healing? Modern medicine is a wonderful thing that can be used to improve our way of life in a number of ways, but every single pharmaceutical treatment you take has some kind of side effect. While it might treat one medical issue you have, introducing the (sometimes toxic) chemicals that medications are made of throw the delicate balance of you body off. While sometimes medication is necessary, many physical ailments can be avoided altogether by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle to promote energy and healing.

If you are interested in finding natural ways to promote energy and healing in your life, check out our simple list, below:

Six Natural Remedies That Promote Energy and Healing

  1. Increase your magnesium intake.

    Magnesium is critical in your body’s ability to convert the glucose levels in your blood into usable energy. If you have a balanced diet but still find yourself hitting that 2:00 crash, it might be due to a magnesium deficiency. Try increasing foods that are rich in magnesium, such as almonds and walnuts, whole grain bread, or fish.
  2. Go on a power walk.

    It might be counter-intuitive to burn energy in order to generate more energy, but that’s exactly what we’re suggesting. When you go on an upbeat power walk, it increases your blood flow and gives you some pep in your step. Any cardio activity will have a positive impact on your energy level, but we suggest going on a brisk walk because it’s low-intensity and accessible to anyone and anywhere. Move those muscles and get the blood moving, and you’ll feel a surge of energy that lasts up to two hours, without the crash that caffeine has.

  3. Take a power sleep sesh.

    Sometimes when you push yourself too hard, your brain gets foggy and you can’t focus. By giving yourself a sixty minute power nap, you reset your clarity and gain the ability to focus.

    If you have trouble unwinding that quickly, try setting up a “zen zone” which gives you complete relaxation. Turn the lights of completely. Turn off your phone. Turn on soothing music. Focus on breathing in and out. By focusing on your breathing, you shut out all of the thoughts and stress that have your brain foggy to begin with.
  4. Learn to process your stress and anger.

    Your emotions have a powerful impact on your health and wellness. By carrying anxiety around constantly, you wear your body out prematurely and your energy levels pay the price.

    Stress strikes all of us. The important thing is having a healthy way to process it so that it doesn’t hang over your head and absorb your energy levels. Try finding a hobby that you love doing, so that you can channel your stress into it. Try taking the time to meditate. Talk about issues so they aren’t bottled up. Whatever it takes to process your negative emotions, so that it doesn’t drag you down.

  5. Increase your water intake.

    It’s no secret that water is a big deal. Humans are comprised of three-quarters water. When your water intake runs low, it has a myriad of negative consequences on your health. One of the most obvious signs that your aren’t getting enough hydration is feeling fatigued and foggy. When you feel particularly run down, try drinking a glass of water, it might be all you need to perk up.

    On the subject of ongoing health and wellness, do yourself a favor and drink at least one gallon of water a day. Not only will you find your energy levels higher than ever, drinking plenty of water also aids weight loss, digestion, and has a number of other benefits.
  6. Cut down on processed foods.
    Your food is your fuel. When you eat foods that are straight from the source (fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats), you gain the greatest nutritional value with each bite. On the other hand, when your foods are full of chemicals and fillers, you’re eating empty calories. Your body doesn’t gain any nutrients you need to stay energized, but it’s bombarded with heavy foods it has to process, making you feel sluggish.

Do you have any other tips for increasing your energy naturally? Please share them below!

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