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Burnout Doesn’t Happen Overnight How To Spot The Warning Signs And Stay Healthy This Year

Job stress is no joke. Shrugging it off day in and day out isn’t just a bad habit. It can actually lead to burnout, a symptom of extreme mental and physical fatigue that can take you months to recover from. The United States is seeing a surge in burnout these past few years and conversations about burnout symptoms are starting…

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Anger Management Workshops An Effective Way to Address Workplace Conflicts

People react to stressful work situations and environments in a variety of ways. In some instances, they may disassociate or otherwise remove themselves from situations and co-workers. Other individuals may lash out in anger due to experiencing continuous stress. When searching for the causes of workplace anger, exhaustion, burnout, and ongoing stress may be playing a significant role. When individuals…

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Four Moments when Counseling Can Help

Depression and anxiety affect a lot of people. Estimates are the 350,000,000 people worldwide have some form of depression. In the United States alone, studies show that about $80 billion is lost every year in productivity or spent on health care due to depression. In 2012, experts in psychotherapy estimate that about 16,000,000 adults in America had a major depressive…

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Five Importance Features in a Health Club Management Software Program

So you are ready to finally take your gym to the next level. In order to compete with large gym companies, you will need to automate much of the health club management. Automating the process will not only help with managing tasks but also in improving gym member satisfaction. When choosing a health club management software program, it should provide…

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5 Tips to Having a Better Experience at the Fertility Clinic

A lot of couples do not realize how many people have problems conceiving children in the United States. It has been estimated that at least 7.4 million women, that translates to nearly 12%, go to fertility clinics during their lifetime. It has also been estimated that about 12% of couples, one in eight, have trouble becoming pregnant or sustaining a…

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Using Massage Therapy to Help These 4 Conditions

Many people suffer from chronic pain, some widespread and some more local. Using massage therapy can help with this pain, along with muscle aches and pains and other ailments. Different massage techniques can help different issues. A little over 90 percent of people agree that a medical massage or message therapy can be very effective at relieving pain. Over half…

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