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How Does Your Nursing Home Measure Up? Key Factors Include Staff Availability

Recovering from trachs, or tracheostomy surgery that is performed to improved a patient’s breathing function, can be challenging. Although most trachs are temporary, performing daily tasks can become difficult or impossible; many patients who are getting trachs or recovering from them are choosing to convalesce in a nursing home or skilled nursing care facility. Nursing homes can offer speech therapy,…

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New Methods for Managing Your Chronic Back Pain

Updated 7/11/22 Back pain includes any physical discomfort arising on your back or the spine and can vary from mild to incapacitating. The back pain and leg spasms when walking or standing for extended periods can signify spinal stenosis, often resulting from poor posture, sprains, strains, and muscle overuse. The best way to treat back muscle strain is through chiropractic…

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