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How Does Your Nursing Home Measure Up? Key Factors Include Staff Availability

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Recovering from trachs, or tracheostomy surgery that is performed to improved a patient’s breathing function, can be challenging. Although most trachs are temporary, performing daily tasks can become difficult or impossible; many patients who are getting trachs or recovering from them are choosing to convalesce in a nursing home or skilled nursing care facility.

Nursing homes can offer speech therapy, instruction on caring for trachs in terms of cleaning and sterilizing medical equipment, and round-the-clock skilled nursing care. An overwhelming surgery does require extended rest on the part of the patient: patients who require post-hospitalization care are allowed ample time to adjust to their trachs and are supervised by professionally trained staff at all times.

Therapeutic recreation is also a significant part of recovery and is included in the nursing home activities plan at top-rated nursing homes. Singing along to upbeat songs, making attractive crafts, or simply watching a movie with fellow patients can help to alleviate depression as patients transition to a post-surgical lifestyle.

Basically, a nursing home fills the gap between hospitalization and home-based recovery. What nursing homes can provide is 24-hour supervision in a meticulously sterile environment: daily housekeeping keeps nursing home environments healthy for patients who need to maintain clean tracheostomy equipment and allows them to recover without fear of contamination in a home environment.

To find a quality nursing home or rehabilitation center, many families rely upon referrals from former patients and most decide to take an extensive tour of the facility before admitting their family members. Interviewing staff is seen as a very good idea, and observing daily activities can help families to decide if the facility would be a good fit for the patient.

For a higher quality of life and comfort while recovering from surgery, many patients choose to relax in a high-quality nursing home. Stays can be temporary or long-term, depending upon patient need, but the draw of trained staff, recreational activities, and professional cleaning services make many patients choose to recover from surgery at a nursing home facility.

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