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New Methods for Managing Your Chronic Back Pain

Updated 7/11/22

Back pain includes any physical discomfort arising on your back or the spine and can vary from mild to incapacitating. The back pain and leg spasms when walking or standing for extended periods can signify spinal stenosis, often resulting from poor posture, sprains, strains, and muscle overuse.

The best way to treat back muscle strain is through chiropractic treatments. With chiropractic adjustments, the perfectly trained personnel, often called chiropractors, utilize their hands or a tiny device to apply a controlled, sudden force to the spinal joint. The process involves spinal manipulation to boost the spinal motion and the body’s physical functioning.

With many developing back pains, we must create awareness of the causes of severe lower back and hip pain. They include sprain and strains, arthritis, herniated disk, Paget’s disease, SI joint dysfunction, and tight hip flexors. The problem may be with your hips if the pain emanates from the hip area and radiates to the knee or thigh. The issue is with the spine if the pain stems from the buttocks affecting the hamstrings to the calf. Chronic back pain differential diagnosis includes Osteoarthritis, Spondylolisthesis, Ankylosing spondylitis, and an infection.

It is hard enough to go about your everyday life normally. There are a million tiny stressors that can make your day difficult. These difficulties can be magnified when suffering with constant pain. If you are suffering from chronic pain you aren’t alone. Over 31 million Americans suffer from chronic low back pain and at least half of Americans admit to experiencing some type of back pain each year. A common misconception is that back pain affects only the elderly, that isn’t necessarily always the case. 28% of individuals with chronic pain experience limited mobility. Chronic back pain is currently the largest disability for Americans above the age of forty-five.

Treatment Options For Chronic Pain

Pain Medication

    • Pain medication helps millions of Americans each. There are several medicines that are available by prescriptions and over the counter, such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, NSAIDs, oral steroids and muscle relaxers. Pain management through medication isn’t for everybody. Some find that pain medication can come with undesirable side effects.

Physical Therapies

    • Rather than using medications to treat your pain there are other options. Many chronic pain sufferers find relief from exercise regimens, such as yoga and aerobics. Others have found success with other types of physical treatment. If you are looking for new ways to manage your pain, chiropractic care might be able to offer you some relief.

Chiropractic Benefits


    • help treat pain by focusing on realigning the body to get in order to restore properly function. A general chiropractic care session involves a chiropractor adjusting a patients spine using a method called spinal manipulation. By adjusting the body’s posture the goal is to help alleviate patient’s pain. This approach with emphasis on the restoring balance to the body is most commonly used to treat back and neck pain, but is also used to treat these other disorders:
      • Extreme headaches and migraines
      • Spinal injuries
      • Fibromyalgia
      • Arthritis

Many Americans swear by their chiropractors for relief from their chronic pain. If you are interested in seeking chiropractic treatment make sure to do some research first. Before trying any new pain management routine, including chiropractor services, make sure to consult with your physician to see if it’s right for you.

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