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Should You Get Uterine Fibroid Surgery?

Of all the uterine fibroids treatment options available, surgery is the only one that offers a permanent solution. Many medications and noninvasive treatments will only — at best — shrink the fibroids and mitigate the symptoms. If you want to properly get rid of them, you need to consider uterine fibroid surgery. To help you decide whether it’s worth going…

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Your Top 3 Questions About Nonsurgical Facelifts, Answered

A facelift can provide a dramatically younger look by removing excess skin to reduce wrinkles and highlight a strong bone structure. But facelifts are also expensive, costing many thousands of dollars, and invasive, requiring extensive recovery time post-procedure. On top of that, some people aren’t even good candidates for surgical procedures. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of nonsurgical options…

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