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Tips for Reducing Back Pain if You Work at a Desk

Struggling to sit, stand or walk because of a back problem is not anyone’s wish. You may think you are years away from such issues, but the truth is, this could be your situation tomorrow. The back is a susceptible part of your body, and proper care must be met. Physical therapists play an essential role in ensuring they help in relieving back pain. However, all the work should not be left to them.

You could do several modern exercises at the office to help strengthen your back. To avoid chronic back pain differential diagnosis, ensure you have a supportive pillow in your office chair and car chair. At all costs, avoid slanting your back and neck for long durations. The causes of severe lower back and hip pain can be treated by swimming. Exercising in water without applying too much pressure in the strokes helps to strengthen one’s muscles. Also, consider having a treadmill in your office if the human resource allows it. You could hold virtual meetings while walking on it.

Other exercises to help avoid emergency back pain treatment are; wall sits, standing hip stretch, and knees to chest stretch. There are various exercises on how to make your back hurt less that you could consistently implement in your daily routine.

Anyone who works in an office setting has likely experienced the back pain that comes with a sedentary lifestyle. So what can you do from your desk to get some measure of back pain relief?

Ice and Heat Your Back

Ice is one of the simplest back pain treatments you can perform from your desk. It might not offer relief from chronic pain, but it can treat an injury, if you have one. Use ice in the first 24-48 hours after an injury to reduce inflammation. After that, you can switch to heating pads to reduce pain. Don’t use either treatment for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Stay in Motion

Another simple back pain treatment is to just keep moving. The spine needs to be stretched and exercised like anything else in your body, so make sure you have some motion in your day. This can be as simple as walking around the office after you finish a task, or walking the dog when you get home. Just try to not to go home and sit in another chair all night. That will only make the pain worse. Make sure to stretch out too. Yoga can be a great way to decompress after a long day in an office chair.

Strengthen Your Core

It’s important to work out the muscles that support your lower back and prevent pain. Strengthening these muscles is a great way to reduce the pressure on your back throughout the day and improve posture. Just stay away from abdominal crunches–they may actually put more strain on your back.

Use Workplace Ergonomics

If you keep going back to the same broken desk chair and poorly-sized desk, no amount of back pain treatment is going to help you. Design the space where you work so you’re sitting straight up and looking directly at your computer monitor. Laptops can cause hunching, so switch to a desktop if you can. Find a chair that supports your lower back and lets your feet firmly touch the ground. If this isn’t possible, consider an ergonomic stool for your feet.

Do these things and your back should feel better in no time.
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