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The 3 Most Common Questions About Bike Fittings, Answered

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Most people who learn to ride a bike as a kid and then continue casually riding into adulthood probably have very little idea about how to properly size and adjust a bicycle. Many people probably don’t even know that bike fitting services exist, or that anyone besides professional cyclists get them. But there are actually numerous incentives for people looking to step up their pedaling to invest in this service. Here are answers to the most pressing questions you probably have:

  1. Who Should Have a Bike Fit?

    There are many small reasons you might want to get a bike fitting, but most fall into two categories. In general, here’s who might benefit from a bike fitting:

    • Anyone Who Experiences Pain

      If you experience pain while cycling, then a bike fitting is a good idea. Lower back strains, neck and shoulder pains, and extremity (foot and hand) numbness are all common problems that can be alleviated through proper fitting.

    • Anyone Looking to Increase Performance

      If you’re a seasoned cyclist, amateur or professional, who wants to shave marginal times off your races, then a bike fitting can help you to achieve better efficiency.

    It’s also a good idea to try a bike fitting if you’ve never been able to “get the hang of” cycling. It’s possible that a combination of your bike’s properties and your body mechanics are working against you, and you’re not aware of how a properly fitted cycling experience should feel.

  2. What Happens in a Bike Fit?

    A bike fitting is a fairly involved, extensive process, and should take at least an hour if done properly. In addition to making suggestions about how to modify your bike for better positioning, the experts conducting your appointment will assess your functional capabilities — strength, flexibility, etc. — and make recommendations for better cycling. They will also be able to help you account for any of your current injuries and advise you on how to modify your training to maximize healing and strengthening.

  3. Why Should I Invest in My Biking?

    Cycling has numerous benefits that make it worth an investment. In today’s couch-potato culture, it’s a fun activity that can get you outside and exercising in your leisure time. It can help you increase muscle mass and increase aerobic capacity. It’s a particularly good sport to take up if you’ve experienced pain in your joints when trying to run or jog, since it’s low-impact. And on top of that, you can avoid rush-hour traffic on the freeway if you work nearby and can commute by bike.

Do you have any other questions about bike fittings? Ask in the comments section!

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