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From Cold Sores To Sprained Ankles: The Flexibility Of Today’s Urgent Care Facility

Updated 2/15/21 People suffer minor injuries every day. From bumps and bruises to minor cuts and wounds, our bodies are tough and made to take a beating. Some injuries may not be overly severe but can still impact our ability to function normally and a sprained ankle is an example of such an injury. Many people wonder about how to…

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What You Should Discuss With Your Doctor For a Healthier New Year

Everyone loves to make new year’s resolutions that they hope will make their lives better. But too often, we don’t follow through with those resolutions. Talking to your family doctor — or any health practitioner at the nearest walk in clinic — can help you turn your goals into a doable mission. Here’s what you can discuss with local doctors…

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How an Urgent Care Clinic Can Help You and Your Community

Over the course of the last few years, you have likely noticed a certain type of business opening up in various places around your community. Some are free standing buildings, while others are found in medical plazas or retail centers, but all can be identified by their signs, which read “urgent care medicine”. You likely know people who have used…

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