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From Cold Sores To Sprained Ankles: The Flexibility Of Today’s Urgent Care Facility

Updated 2/15/21

People suffer minor injuries every day. From bumps and bruises to minor cuts and wounds, our bodies are tough and made to take a beating. Some injuries may not be overly severe but can still impact our ability to function normally and a sprained ankle is an example of such an injury. Many people wonder about how to remedy sprained ankle and how to recover from ankle injury quickly. While they are usually not dangerous and pose no major threat of long-term injury, a sprained ankle can keep you grounded until you are healed and can get in the way of your everyday activities.

Knowing the best way to go about taking care of your injury and understanding how to rehabilitate a sprained ankle at home can help you speed your recovery time. A local healthcare practitioner can give you a check over to make sure there are no other serious injuries and they can also help guide you on how to treat a rolled ankle injury. They will give you tips on how to treat the injury and offer advice on how to treat a sprained foot at home. Following their instructions for self-care will see you back up and on the go sooner rather than later.

The new year is here and your healthcare is of the utmost priority. Whether your insurance plan has changed or not, this is one section you should be keeping a close eye on.

Waiting on your chronic pain to see itself out the door isn’t a wise tactic. Hoping you won’t catch a severe illness on the way to work isn’t, either. The urgent care facility is your one-stop shop for all things health-related. It’s intentionally situated as a middleground between your regular doctor and the emergency room, both affordable and flexible enough to meet several situations eye-to-eye. If you’ve never visited your nearby Bellevue medical center, now’s a good time to learn about your options.

Save money and time while still getting high-quality care. Here’s what an urgent care facility can do for you.

Get Your Chronic Pain Assessed By The Best Doctors

A chronic issue can be difficult to manage. You find yourself in the worrying position of knowing your symptoms, but also being fully aware of how to manage them and potentially downplaying its severity. By the time 2030 arrives it’s estimated six out of 10 Baby Boomers will be managing a chronic condition. As many as one out of 10 Baby Boomers have reported their physical activity is limited to a few days a month, to boot. Lower back pain, hip pain, and wrist pain are a few chronic health issues that should be checked as soon as possible.

Stay Healthy With Preventative Care Measures

A proactive attitude toward your health is the best course of action. You should be thinking of common issues you can circumvent when you visit an urgent care facility and ask to see a doctor. The flu is one of the most common illnesses in the country, seeing an uptick every winter, and needs to be prevented with regular flu shots. You can check with a nurse to look at all your other vaccinations and see what could use an upgrade. These small steps go a long way in preventing future hospital visits, as well as protecting more vulnerable areas of the population.

Patch Up A Troublesome Cut Or Burn

Sometimes you don’t have time to wait and see your regular doctor. When the injury isn’t serious enough for the emergency room, either, an urgent care facility can meet you halfway. Four out of five urgent care centers provide on-the-spot fracture care. They can easily address any number of minor to moderate injuries you’re not sure you should be treating at home. A recent report estimates 25,000 Americans will suffer an ankle sprain each day.

Diagnose The Source Of Nausea Or Breathing Difficulties

There are some physical ailments you can’t quite pin down. This can be a headache that doesn’t abate with pain medication or persistent nausea every time you wake up in the morning. Doctors for urgent care can sit down with you and discuss your symptoms, narrowing down the details until you finally get a diagnosis. A recent study found dizziness to be the second most common complaint heard in the doctor’s office. Over 65% of individuals older than 60 years of age will experience this at some point in their life.

Fix Any Number Of Minor Health Issues Quickly And Affordably

It can be a stubborn cold sore that won’t go away. It can be a sprained wrist that needs checking. Your urgent care facility is a flexible, affordable resource meant to relieve your stress and provide you the best healthcare with little effort. There are over 20,000 physicians who practice urgent care medicine today, with the vast majority of urgent care centers open seven days per week. There are also more specific models, like the pediatric urgent care clinic and the walk in clinic.

Don’t wait and hope for the best. Find out for sure by stopping by your Bellevue urgent care and asking for a check-up.

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