A Look at Covid-19 Testing

Covid-19 has become an extremely important issue in society today. In order to combat the spread of Covid, we get tested. Getting tested seems simple enough, but what is the science behind it? In this article, we are going to look at covid-19 testing.

A PCR test is the test that is used to figure out if you have covid. When a PCR test is given a swab is put deep into the nose of a person.

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It is important to go far back because that is where the virus can be found.

The Guardian explains that the covid virus is made up of RNA. RNA differs from DNA because there is only one strand, whereas DNA has two. When it is time to test the sample received from a PCR test, the RNA is duplicated to turn it into DNA.

In the DNA form, the samples are tested using primers, which will attach to the virus. Scientists are able to look at the DNA sample and see if the primers have attached which will give them evidence that you have covid.

Overall, the process of getting covid tested is a complicated one, but there is no doubt about how important it is.


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