What does Integrative Medicine Do Exactly?

The term ” Integrative Medicine” has become prevalent in the healthcare industry these past few years. The term is commonly associated with alternative medicines and ways of becoming healthy or curing disease. It has also been commonly associated with “holistic health,” or non-Western medical practices.

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This mostly entails replacing solely prescription-based care with care and methods that include more natural supplements and a newfound focus on over mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This video puts a spotlight on the most popular methods of integrative medicine and how people use them to combat pain in their everyday lives.

Some of the most popular methods of pain relief associate with integrative medicine are yoga, taichi, and acupuncture. Mind-body treatments have helped many people fight their pain, instead of simply taking a painkiller and waiting for it to kick in. This new push towards not relying on medication to combat troublesome aches and pains can open a new revolution for holistic doctors, and can also foster loving communities of people helping each other through the pains of life.


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