Drug Testing: Why it Matters

urine drug test results

You value the employees that you keep on staff. In fact, you want the best for your employees and want to keep the most reputable people in your employ, so you should do what you can to ensure you have the most reliable people working for you.

Unfortunately, drug use is a concern on the job site, because many people cannot pass urine drug tests. It’s important to make sure you perform these tests on the regular so your employees are held accountable and you have a running record on who is clean and a safer choice for working onsite. After all, even mild drug use — marijuana is the most-used drug, with over twenty-two million people admitting to having used it in the recent past — can affect the way a person performs their work.

Once you get back the urine drug test results from your employees, you can take action if you need to eliminate some workers or put them on probation. The best way to ensure your workplace is healthy and happy is to do background checks and perform a drug and alcohol test periodically if you suspect any type of foul play in your employees. Do these tests regularly and randomly on all employees and you can see great results. Here are the reasons why you need this type of testing done in your facility.

You Are Less of a Liability

Drug and alcohol use on-site can be very dangerous. Depending on the drug or alcohol consumption a person is engaged in, even if they are not using regularly or considered an actual addict, the ability of a person to perform their job well can be greatly impacted by any type of drug use.

Any employee who is unable to do their work well can be a liability to your establishment, so make sure you do what you can to ensure your employees are happy and healthy by making them take drug tests on the regular. Keep in mind that employers must give their employees the opportunity to test with either urine or hair. Any employee who refuses to take a drug test can be dealt with on a personal level.

You Are a Safer Establishment

If you allow your employees to use drugs onsite by not testing them, you potentially create an unhealthy and potentially dangerous job site. You should be making your employees take regular drug screenings so you are able to keep the workplace much safer. Since a urine sample from your staff can reveal the presence of a variety of drugs, including methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription medications, and traces of alcohol, you can test for as many types of drugs as you want. You will get urine drug test results within a reliable time frame.

You Encourage Reliable Employees

The best way to encourage your employees to do their very best is to make sure you hold them accountable. Be it making sure they clock in on time or that they are aware that they cannot take drugs during work, when you have your employees do alcohol testing and other types of tests, you know you are doing your part to make your employees more reliable. When testing for alcohol, breath testing is the best. 

When you do get the urine drug test results on your employees, make sure you reveal the results to your staff members in private. If there are any questions your employees have about their drug test results, they can bring the issue you up with you at that time. You can even allow your staff to get a new drug test if you are willing to do so.

When you do drug testing on your staff, your company benefits in many ways. Make sure you drug test all your staff members so you do your part to create a fair and equal opportunity working area. Urine drug test results should be easy to read and follow, but your supplier can help you if needed.

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