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Do Your Eye Glasses Really Fit Your Face Shape?

Eye glasses help people with vision impairments see much better. They may even be necessary to see for work, driving and much more. A study from 2007 showed that job candidates wearing glasses had more success during interviews. Eye glasses can make some people look quite striking, while others don’t look quite right.

Do you believe your eye glasses fit? The fit of your eye glasses is actually quite important. You don’t want them falling off of your face or sitting at an odd angle. When you have an eye exam, you may notice that some eye glasses look very attractive on a display, but they may not look nearly as good on your face.

Face Shape Plays a Rather Significant Role in Choosing Eye Glasses

Once you have seen an optometrist and been giving a prescription for new eye glasses, it is time to pick out a style of glasses. Most of the time when glasses do not look right on your face it is due to your face shape. It is important that you know what your face shape is so the style of spectacles you choose will look amazing.

How to Determine the Shape of Your Face

Do you know your face shape? It is important that you pull any hair back while directly looking in a mirror. Look closely at your overall face shape along with the contours of your head and face. This determines the shape of your face.

The Seven Face Shapes and Frames That Look Good on Them

The triangular base-down face shape has a rather narrow forehead that tends to widen at the chin and cheek areas. This adds width and emphasizes a narrower upper third of your face. You should try-on frames that are colorful with detailing near the brow, on the top half of the frame. Consider trying frames with cat-eye shapes.

A diamond-shaped face is narrow at the jawline and forehead. If this is your face shape you will notice that you have broad cheekbones that tend to be dramatic and high. This face shape is one of the rarest. You need frames that highlight your eyes while softening your cheekbones. Try on frames with distinctive detailing along the brow lines. Oval and rimless frames are great choices.

A narrow bottom third of the face and wide top third of the face denote the heart-shaped face. You want frames that will help to reduce the width of the top of your face so try to choose frame shapes that are wide at the bottom. Other good choices include light-colored frames as well as rimless frames that are light and airy. A face that is longer than it is wide with a straight cheek line is considered to be an oblong face shape. You want to make your oblong face seem shorter as well as more balanced. Try frames that add more depth rather than width. Frames with contrasting or decorative temples can add more width attractively.

An ideal face shape is the oval shape. It has natural, balanced proportions. To maintain your natural balance view frames that are wide, or wider than, the part of your face that is the broadest. Select walnut-shaped eye frames that aren’t too narrow or deep.

If your face has no angles and has curved lines with the length and width of similar proportions your face shape is round. The desire is to make a round face seem longer and thinner. View narrow angular frames that lengthen your face. You could also try frames that have clear bridges, or wider frames that are rectangular.

If you have a broad forehead and a strong jawline with the length and width being the same then your face is square in shape. You want to make your face look longer with softened angles. Check out narrow styles of frames as well as frames with more width and less depth or narrow ovals.

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