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Here are 3 Services You Can Receive at Urgent Care

Urgent care clinics can currently be found in towns and cities all across the United States. It’s estimated that there are currently 20,000 physicians who practice Urgent Care Medicine today. These clinics are popular with many because, unlike the regular doctor’s office, they don’t require an appointment to be made beforehand. Instead, patients can walk in whenever they need to receive prompt medical attention. This is particularly attractive to those whose lives are constantly filled with activities that might not allow for the opportunity to make a conventional doctor’s appointment. Alongside this advantage, many like going to urgent care because these clinics offer a variety of important services. This article will take a brief look at a few of the services that you can receive at an urgent care clinic.

  • The Annual Flu Shot: One important service that you can receive at urgent care is the annual flu shot. Most, if not all urgent care clinics will have the flu shot available for anyone who needs it for the duration of flu season, which typically lasts through the fall and winter months. This is extremely beneficial for those who lead very busy lives, because often there simply isn’t time to schedule a regular appointment to receive a flu shot. Instead, many find it far easier to just pick the shot up when they need it, and urgent care provides the perfect opportunity to do so.
  • Treatment for Poison Ivy: Another service that you can receive at urgent care is treatment for poison ivy. Poison ivy is a rather notorious plant that can be found in every state except Alaska and Hawaii. At least 85 percent of people are allergic to poison ivy. This allergy typically manifests as a red, itchy rash. For those who do react when exposed to poison ivy, treatment can be sought by walking in to an urgent care clinic, where a medical professional can examine your rash and prescribe a treatment that will make it more bearable until the skin has time to recover and heal.
  • Treatment for Food Poisoning: And finally, a third service that you can receive at urgent care is treatment for food poisoning. Up to 48 million Americans experience food poisoning each year. This is a medical issue that occurs when one accidentally eats something that has spoiled or is somehow not good to eat. The range of symptoms can vary, but are often mistaken for the stomach flu. If you are in doubt as to whether you’re suffering from food poisoning or the actual flu, you can easily visit the local urgent care to have your symptoms diagnosed and receive a proper prescription for how to get better.

In conclusion, there are several services that you can receive at urgent care. These services include, but are far from limited to: receiving the annual flu shot, receiving treatment for poison ivy, and receiving treatment for food poisoning. Keep in mind though, that these are only a few of the services that you can receive at an urgent care clinic.

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