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Finding the Right Medical Treatment Allows You to Become Your Most Healthy Self

Seven and a half months ago you took a picture of yourself. At the time, you were already excited about the new life you were just able to see alive and well within you. After recently dealing with a small cancerous spot caused by too much sun exposure you felt both fortunate and free.

Just 10 days later, you went in for a routine prenatal appointment and your nurse practitioner, who had been working with you for more than 15 years, was so excited for you that she wanted to let you take a peek at baby. You remember telling her how she made your day!

A mere 30 minutes later, however, while you were laying on an exam bed staring at a screen in a room where both the ultrasound tech and my the practitioner were silent and avoiding looking at you, you knew. Your baby was gone before you even got to hold them in your arms.

This was not your first loss; it was not the first time you had, or would for that matter, experience heartache over adding to your family. In the moment, as you were lying there without your partner to hold your hand, you were lost. Everything felt hopeless. And dark. Another complete failure.

Even though you were still experiencing morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms, the next day you had your first dilation and curettage (D and C). Your body was not ready to accept that your baby’s heart had stopped beating more then a week before, and your head was not as well.

As you approach what would have been your due date for that baby, it is a bittersweet time. Obviously, you are so thankful for the baby girl growing big and strong right now, but without saying goodbye and mourning the one baby you lost too soon, you would not be expecting her.

Somewhere deep down you know that little infant gave you a great gift. Losing a baby and going through the trauma of a D and C brought you to your knees. You visited a place so dark you realized that you would needed to get help to climb your way back out. You had to rediscover a way to take care of yourself. If only for that, you believe that baby was a blessing of its very own kind. So today, while you still mourn your loss, you are also so very thankful that that little one’s short life prepared the way for a sister to come to join your family.
Whether you are dealing with a pregnancy loss or devastating news about a recent illness, it is important to know that there are medical resources available. In fact, with the addition of the support that therapists and counselors can provide, there are resources who can help you get through the most challenging of situations.

Many Medical Challenges Require the Help of Several Kinds of Doctors

Whether you are dealing with mammogram screening, orthopedic care, skin cancer surgery from too much sun exposure, or the recent loss of a pregnancy, knowing who to turn to for help is often the key to finding success. The latest research indicates that as many as 39.6% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes. And while some of these cancers may be more minor like those caused by too much sun exposure, there are also many other kinds of cancer that require extensive rounds of chemotherapy treatments and radiation therapy. Obviously, this means that there are also a wide range of doctors who will need to treat for these conditions.

The loss of a pregnancy requires a specific kind of help and the treatment for skin cancer caused by sun exposure calls for another kind, but no matter what your diagnosis, it is important that you find the right health care provider. A provider who you trust and one who you will feel comfortable asking questions of and sharing concerns. As the nation continues to deal with the challenge of providing affordable care to more people, the latest research indicates that the U.S. will need about 52,000 more primary care physicians by the year 2025 to meet the country’s healthcare needs.

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