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4 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Relieve Bunion Pain

When people hear of bunions, they immediately conjure up images of geriatrics struggling with a myriad of health issues. But, for the 19% of the population made up of various age groups who experience 1.4 foot problems annually, such pain isn’t anything to smirk about.

Bunions are a deformity situated at the joint of your big toe, and they cause mild or severe pain. They are classified under arthritic or genetic. Arthritic bunions are due to an injury you sustained while genetic ones are inherited. While both types of bunions grow the older you get, the actual source of the pain is pressure you place on it.

So how do you combat this regular pain that can be a source of extreme discomfort? Keep reading for some tips to help you gain relief when you need it.

1. Buy and Wear Properly Fitting Shoes

The first line of defense in any attempt to bolster your health is the preventative approach. When dealing with bunion pain things aren’t any different. A simple yet essential preventative measure is to buy and wear the right shoe size. Whenever you are buying shoes, you should ensure that any fitting you do should be at the end of the day. The reason for this is that your feet are at their largest at the end of the day.

Another tip when buying shoes is that you should fit them when you are standing so that you can ensure there is enough space for the longest toe at the shoe’s end.

If you are a fan of pointed-toe shoes, it is an excellent idea to switch them out with rounded-toe one frequently. Similarly, make it a habit to interchange between heels and flats so that you can prevent (and manage) foot pain.

2. Get Some Padding

If you have any feet problems, then you are intimately familiar with the constant discomfort you can experience whenever you’re on the move. Be it bunions or some other type of foot pain, having a method of alleviating the pain can make a tangible difference in your daily experience. One method of pain alleviation that is at the reach of most people is getting padding for the shoe.

When you place gel or foam padding over the bunion in your shoe, it will relieve a significant amount of the pain and pressure you experience as you move around.

3. Ice

When you are in the midst of foot pain, ice can help you calm it down. You should apply ice that’s wrapped in a paper towel or thin cloth to the toe for around 20 minutes. Ice works by constricting the blood vessels, which will then reduce the swelling and the attendant pain. Ice is especially helpful in dealing with bunion pain if you have to stand for long stretches at a time.

4. Protect Your Health with an Orthotic Device

If you experience daily bunion pain, then a more subtle yet effective form of relief is an essential solution. Consider getting an orthotic device to relieve the persistent pressure a bunion creates. Your podiatrist will be able to assess your needs and create a cast from which they can build a custom-fitting device for you.

While there are over-the-counter arch support inserts can provide some degree of relief, it’s preferable to seek a custom-fitting solution. Such a solution can fit into your daily needs more comfortably. For example, if you experience bunion pain whenever you head to work, then your podiatrist can create an orthotic device to blend in with your dress shoes. Similarly, if your pain emanates from hitting the gym, you can get a custom-fit device for your gym shoes.

Take Charge of Your Health and Be Pain-Free

Bunions are one of the several types of foot problems affecting the population. When they come under pressure, bunions can be painful, and such constant pain is detrimental to your health and well-being. There are preventative and treatment-oriented solutions to ease bunion pain and help you live a higher quality of life.

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