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Knowing the Prices of an FUE Transplant

Human beings naturally grow hair on their heads, and hair comes in a variety of colors and patterns based on genes, from blond to auburn to chestnut or brunette. The hair fashion market is enormous around the world, encompassing perms, hair extension, dyes, and much more in salons or home use. However, another and much less desirable trend for hair among adults today is hair loss. It is common to have hair fall out of one’s head over time, and this process may accelerate as a person ages, especially among men. It is natural for men and some women to lose their hair over time and to get bald spots or thin patches of hair, but this does not have to be permanent. Today, hair loss specialists can be consulted to find ways to restore a full head of hair. This may also involve exploring the cost of a hair transplant, and the cost of a hair transplant may vary based on the amount of hair lost or the clinic that the patient visits. All the same, most American adults care very much about their hair and will go to great lengths to restore it, so the cost of a hair transplant may be something taken easily in stride. What are common trends of hair loss among American adults today? What might an FUE hair transplant (follicular unit extraction) cost? The cost of a hair transplant may be quite manageable in some cases.

Americans and Hair Loss Today

Most men, and some women, will go through a period of time ranging from 10 to 20 years where they lose a lot of hair. This phase may involve many hairs falling out of the head and off the scalp, and this can quickly result in bald patches or thin patches of hair. Once a man has lost half of the hairs on his head, the overall thinness is more visible to the naked eye, but the process starts even before then. Today, some 35 million men at any given time are losing their hair across the United States, and around 12 million women are going through the same process. And nearly all of them are unhappy about it.

Some 95% of men go through male pattern baldness, and a man’s genetics may influence how soon he starts losing his hair. Some men start losing their hair in significant amounts as young as in their 30s, while others may not have noticeable hair loss until they reach their 50s. Either way, this is nothing to be ashamed of, but many men are less than fond of the appearance of bald patches or significant balding on the head. Women, too, will be unhappy about their hair falling out at this phase of their lives, and men and women alike have been surveyed to see how badly they want their hair back. The results show that American men and women care a great deal about their hair and how it contributes to their overall appearance. Nearly half of all interviewed adults reported that they would spend their entire life savings if it meant restoring all of their hair. Similarly, about 60% of all survey respondents said that they would prefer a fully restored head of hair over money or friends, showing just how much people are invested in their hair. And while there is no magic potion to restore all of a person’s lost hair, modern surgery has made stride in this area.

FUE Transplants

An interested customer who is losing his or her hair can look up local hair restoration clinics and set up an appointment for surgery. The cost of a hair transplant may vary, but given the results of the survey mentioned above, this may be easily taken in stride by most customers. What does FUE entail? This involves removing small groups of one to four hair follicles and removing them, along with the scalp, and planting them on a bald spot or a patch of thin hair. The hairs will be oriented for a natural look, and this method can easily fill up bald patches or thin patches of hair. It doesn’t actually add more hair, but it can get the job done, and often proves popular.

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