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Taking a Look At Hair Restoration Procedures In America

The process of balding is never an easy one. For most men (and some women) the process of going bald is likely to take a significant toll. Many men have even stated that they would rather that they had a full head of hair instead of other important components of their lives, such as their friends, their families, and financial security. Many even say that they would give up all of their money – or at least a considerable portion of it – just in order to have their hair again. The emotional scars can be profound, and many suffer as a result of it.

Unfortunately, balding is common in both men and women alike. In just this country, up to thirty five million men alone are in some part of the balding process. Among women, balding is less common but no less significant, with as many as twenty thousand women in just the United States dealing with their own balding, though balding in women often has different causes and progresses in a different way than the balding process does in men.

For the vast majority of men – up to ninety five percent of all of them – balding is a simple genetic fact of life, with male pattern baldness stealing the hair of many. And balding often happens earlier in life than the vast majority of people – men included – are aware of. In fact, the vast majority of men (up to two thirds of them, to be more exact) will already have begun to bald by the time that they reach their mid thirties. By the time that men reach their fifties, the likelihood of them experiencing some part of the balding process is even higher, as more than eighty five percent of all men who have reached this age will be experiencing such things.

Fortunately, however, balding does not mean that you will necessarily lose all of your hair. In fact, there are now a number of viable treatments that can be completed to help to slow or even reverse the effects of balding. If you are interested in pursuing such treatment, you should seriously consider seeing a male hair loss specialist. Said male hair loss specialist can help you to discuss all of your options and assess the pros and cons of each of them before finally deciding which will be right for you and your thinning hair.

If you’re interested in hair restoration, it’s likely that you’ll consider a FUSS procedure. FUSS stands for Follicular Unit Strip Surgery and involves removing a strip of your scalp from an area of your head that is not balding and surgically transplanting it to the area of your head that is experiencing hair loss. This then promotes the hair to begin to grow back in on the areas of the head that have been most effected by balding.

However, there are certainly some detriments to your typical FUSS procedure. For instance, scars are not only common but are a routine part of such a surgery. Scars result from the large strip of skin that has been removed and such scars can prevent hair growth in that area. Scars can also cause another reason for the patient to feel self conscious, and even limit the ways in which they wear their hair even after they have fully healed from the FUSS procedure. Scars like this are often eligible for a scar revision procedure, but this too will involve another surgery and the healing process that has been associated with it.

A FUE procedure presents a more than viable alternative to the typical FUSS procedure. FUE, which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, works by removing naturally occurring clusters of hair and transplanting them. Because a FUE procedure is far less invasive than the FUSS procedure, scars are far less common. In fact, scars are typically less common at all. Along with the absence of scars, there tend to be far fewer complications overall when a FUE procedure is undergone instead of a FUSS procedure, making it a procedure that has been consistently growing in popularity in recent years.

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