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How to Avoid Pain While on a Bicycle

There are certainly many health benefits associated with riding a bicycle. In fact, statistics gathered from a recent British Medical Association study found that those cycling 20 miles per week were 50% less likely to develop heart disease than others. That being said, it’s tough to enjoy these benefits while riding uncomfortably. Considering that, here are helpful tips on how to avoid discomfort while riding a bicycle.

  • Adjust Your Seat Post

    One major reason for an uncomfortable ride could be caused by your seat post. It’s important to use your seat clamp in order to raise or lower this device. Test how each adjustment feels while sitting on your bike seat. It might take a bit of time to find the perfect height. However, riding with your seat post at the optimal height goes a long way to reduce pain.
  • Find the Right Seat

    There has been a 46% increase in the number of people who commute by bicycle across the United States since 2005. With that in mind, you might be feeling pain while commuting because you haven’t found the right seat. Many factory seats are exactly designed with comfort in mind. Therefore, consider ordering a new type of seat. Considering that, many riders are preferring to use carbon fiber bike seats. These seats are lightweight while being able to provide adequate support and comfort.
  • Cheap Equipment is Rarely the Best

    If you’re looking for a quality bike seat or post, it’s important to consider this purchase an investment. For instance, leather or carbon fiber bike seats might not be the cheapest option. However, you’ll find that these types of comfortable bike seats tend to provide comfort that is worth every penny. In addition, purchasing quality seat posts will help keep your bicycle safe in the event of a crash.

In conclusion, there are several ways to avoid discomfort while riding your bicycle. This method of transportation is certainly popular, especially when considering that there are twice the amount of bicycles in the world as there are cars. That being said, an important aspect of riding a bike is being to do this activity comfortably. Luckily, you’ll find that choosing a quality bike parts supplier helps ensure that you’re able to find quality equipment. In turn, this allows you to ride your bicycle with ease and free from pain.

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