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Why Science Learning Starts from Birth Consequences for STEM Fields and Public Health

The amount of development that a human child goes through in the first few years of life cannot be understated. Between birth and the age of six, children’s brains are extremely plastic, meaning that they can learn how to be creative, how to think independently, and how to teach themselves through experimentation. Emphasis on early-learning programs (even and especially for…

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Health Screening Recommendations for Adults Over 50

When it comes to illness and physical disorders, the old saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is more than apt. Almost 70% of Americans who are over 65 have more than one chronic condition to deal with, and today’s Americans in the 50s are living with diabetes and high cholesterol and high blood pressure…

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Everything You Need to Know About Urgent Care Facilities

There are a lot of advantages to going to a medical walk-in clinic or getting urgent care services when you have a medical need. Read on to learn all about urgent care services. What Are Urgent Care Services? These are a type of medical walk in clinic staffed by physicians and other medical professionals that help people who have an…

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4 Medical Devices That Are Changing Everything

The American medical market is constantly devising new medical devices to assist patients in regaining their mobility, improving their quality of life, or finding their way back to productivity after an injury or disease. From the graft delivery device to multispectral analysis of tissue morphology, here’s seven of the coolest, and most promising, new medical devices Graft delivery device: for…

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The United States’ Population Is Aging The Demand For In-Home Care Assistant Services

Healthcare is changing. When it comes to the aging population? It can seem like it’s changing far too fast. Many people today are worried about quite a few things when it comes to receiving the medical care they need to living a high-quality life. From discussing the benefits of an assisted living home to facing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease,…

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The Average ER Visitor Pays Over $1,300 For A Single Visit The Benefits Of The Urgent Care Facility

Not all injuries and illnesses need the same attention. A bout with the common cold may require a few days’ worth of bed rest. A headache that persists after a week, on the other hand, may require you visit your local urgent care facility. Knowing how to differentiate between your healthcare is key to receiving quality treatment and saving money…

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How to Avoid Pain While on a Bicycle

There are certainly many health benefits associated with riding a bicycle. In fact, statistics gathered from a recent British Medical Association study found that those cycling 20 miles per week were 50% less likely to develop heart disease than others. That being said, it’s tough to enjoy these benefits while riding uncomfortably. Considering that, here are helpful tips on how…

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