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What is Life Coaching and 3 Reasons To Try It

Do you ever feel like your life isn’t really going anywhere? You might be having trouble settling on a job or a place to live, or you might be suffering from a lot of stress. The average person today will change jobs 10 to 15 times over the course of a lifetime, and 33% of us report that we’re living with extreme amounts of stress that are harming us and our relationships. Life coaching could be the answer. The positive psychology of a good life coach can help you manage stress and find direction, harnassing your own inner strength so you can find what makes you happy. Read on to understand what life coaching is, and five reasons you could use some.

What is life coaching?

Life coaches are more than just friends or mentors, or even coaches! They’re true professionals who know how to be there for you when you face life’s most challenging moments. They aren’t just there to provide comfort, though. They know how to apply positive psychology coaching to help you see things differently, keep going with your goals, discover what you really need, and guide you in following through on your dreams.

  1. Why you need life coaching: overcoming limitations. One of the biggest reasons that we fail to follow through on our goals or strive to reach our dreams is that, deep down, we believe we can’t. We have limiting beliefs holding us back. Maybe your mother said you were big-boned and you now feel you can’t possibly lose weight. Maybe your teacher told you that you weren’t cut out to be a doctor, that it was too hard for you, and you think you would fail if you tried. A life coach can help you recognize where these limiting beliefs are holding you back and help you get beyond them. In fact, the International Coaching Federation (IFC) did a study in which 80% of life coach clients saw an improvement in their self-confidence after life coaching.
  2. Why you need life coaching: stress and strain. Stress is a serious problem. In the United States, 43% of adults are suffering health effects from too much stress. Meanwhile, 81% of all employees say that work stress is affecting their personal relationships. When you combine all the stress from home, work, and relationships it can be easy to see why some of us really struggle. Life coaches are skilled in giving you the perspective you need to move past those crushing stressful emotions.
  3. Why you need life coaching: your life is a mess. Maybe your finances are in disarray. Perhaps it’s your career that you can’t get started, or your health is failing. Maybe it’s those personal relationships where you feel like a failure. Whatever it is, it can be really hard to see the forest for the trees. That’s when the calm, objective perspective of a life coach can help you get through and figure out what to do first to first heal, then succeed, and finally, conquer.

There are many other benefits that life coaches can bring to the table, but even these three are ones that affect a lot of us. If you’re feeling hopeless, if you feel unsupported by your family, if you feel lost and alone: life coaching can help you get back on your feet.

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