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Behind The Popularity And Prominence Of Biking In The United States And In The World As A Whole

Biking is on the rise all throughout the world but especially in the United States. After all, the number of people who commute to work via bike alone has increased exponentially since the year of 2005, now by more than 45% (around 46%, to be just a bit more exact). And it is estimated that there are now at least double the amount of bikes on this planet than there are cars and other such motor vehicles, meaning that there are at least one billion bikes to be found, a number that grows by the year.

And the biking industry itself is a thriving one, with more than $1 billion garnered from the sale of used bicycles alone in the year of 2015 – and that’s just a number reflecting sales in the United States, let alone elsewhere all throughout the world. In total direct sales surrounding bicycles in that very same year, more than $6 billion was made all throughout the country in its entirety. In the years that have followed since, this number has truly only continued to grow and grow – and is likely to keep growing in the years that are ahead as well.

Aside from getting the bike itself, bike accessories are also quite hugely important when it comes to cultivating the best overall biking experience. For instance, there are many types of bike saddles out there, and finding the best bike seat for your needs is a must. For some people, this will be a road bike saddle but for others it will be a brown leather bike saddle. The brown leather bike saddle is a high quality bike seat and one that will stand the test of time. And while a brown leather bike saddle might cost more than your typical bike seat, a brown leather bike saddle is an investment that usually ends up being more than worth it at the end of the day. Of course, if a brown leather bike saddle is not for you, you might also consider a carbon fiber bike saddle. Carbon fiber bike saddles are also quite widely popular all throughout the country in its entirety and will therefore be likely quite easy to find, all things considered.

But why take up biking in the first place? For one thing, biking is incredibly good for your health and something that many of us could benefit from. Unfortunately, far too many people are currently living a very sedentary lifestyle, with actually less than 5% of the total adult population of this country getting up and moving in some way or capacity for even just a mere half of an hour out of the day. And less than half of the adult population in the United States is also meeting the weekly recommended amount of exercise that they should be getting. And a sedentary lifestyle will not only lead to an increased risk of obesity, but an increased risk of experiencing a great many other health complications as well, there is no doubt about it.

Biking can change that. As a matter of fact, even just biking for a mere 20 miles per week can actually reduce overall risk of developing coronary heart disease by as much as a full 50%. For the vast majority of all people, this is going to be something that is hugely beneficial as well, especially when you look at how deadly heart disease is for men and women alike, all throughout the country and even in the world as a whole. Biking can also be a great way to lose weight and get into a better physical shape, something that can also prove to benefit a great many people all throughout the country as a whole and in its entirety. Fortunately, things like the brown leather bike saddle can make biking not only more appealing than ever before, but more comfortable as well. And with more types of comfortable bike seats than ever before, there is no reason not to start biking today.

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