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3 Important Tips for Getting New Medical Spa Clients in 2016

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Did you know that the average Botox patient is between the ages of 40 and 59? If you?re looking to get more consumer interest in your clinic, there?s a few things you should keep in mind about your demographic in order to make sure you are targeting them correctly. It could be the difference between coasting through the year and making a killing in new clients and referrals. Here?s a few tips for 2016.

Make Use of Social Media and Other Accounts

The first thing people do these days when they?re interested in receiving a good or service is to Google it. This is especially common in the case of things like Botox and chemical peels. One thing you should consider is giving your patients a discount if they allow you to post before/after photos to your social media accounts. This can help to convince future potential clients that you help real people every day.

Understand WHY They Want These Services

Did you know that 82% of Botox patients report seeing an improvement within a week? You?ll be best able to advertise your products once you understand exactly what it is your consumers are looking for. You can gain a better understanding of this by asking your current clients to fill out optional questionnaires about their experiences, and asking exactly what led them to seek you out. You may be surprised, for example, by how many people are getting Botox because they want to look good at one of their children?s weddings. This is a fact that you can use in future advertising and more — people will understand the appeal of your services better if it seems personalized to their experience.

Offer Skin Care Products as Well

It?s easier than ever to opt for white labeled skin care products. You can choose your favorite, tested products and put your own medical spa label on them. This ensures that your consumers are getting a great product, you are creating a better branded experience, and that the products you are passing along have been vetted and will actually work for their intended purpose.

Offer the Latest Trending Services

Many people in 2016 are interested in services such as chemical peels. It?s a good idea to understand exactly what people are looking for — especially in Google. Even if they don?t end up getting ?vampire facials? from you, for example, your website might explain to them that other procedures you offer will get them the same results — perhaps more predictably as well.

2016 can be a great year for your spa. Will you be looking to the latest trends, offering branded skin care products, or examining the data on your demographics in order to provide better services? Let us know your plan.

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