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Urgent Care Vs ER When and Where Should I Go?

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When it comes to minor injuries and illnesses, the emergency room is often the destination of choice for many people. After all, how often is your local doctor on call when your child sprains their knee after jumping off the banister at 6 pm on a Sunday? The answer to that, is not often at all. And while emergency care might seem like the best and most obvious place to go when something goes wrong, the emergency room may actually be the last place you or your loved ones want to be.

All hours of the day, waiting rooms are packed to the gills with patients waiting to be seen for a number of ailments. When your ailment isn?t considered serious enough, you are forced to wait for hours on end. And sometimes, patients are sent home with little answers and a $1,000 medical bill in hand. While emergency care might seem like the best solution, urgent care might be better.

So why urgent care? Urgent care provides fast and affordable emergency care without the wait or inconvenience of the ER. Urgent care doctors are specialists that will be able to provide you with top notch treatment for your injury or illness.

So what injuries and illnesses are treated at urgent care? While these aren?t all of them, some include sports injuries, rashes, sprains, muscle sprains, insect bites, dizziness, dehydration, lacerations, minor burns, abdominal pain, strep throat, swimmer?s ear, sinus infection, pink eye, migraine, flu, fever, bronchitis, urinary tract infection, and many more.

And that?s not all. Every urgent care facility additionally offers other services such as vaccines, STD testing, hazmat testing, HIV testing, spirometry screenings, flu shots, and more.

As you can see, urgent care facilities can get you the help you need, when you need it most. Want to know more about urgent care? Leave us your concerns and questions in the comment section below!

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