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Electromagnetic Sensitivity in Expecting Mothers and Young Children

The negative effects of cell phone and other technological radiations are still not properly researched. There is not enough information for research professionals to go on, as the popularity of technology is still somewhat new. There have, however, been preliminary reports regarding the harmful effects of the radiations that technology emits. This should be a concern for parents with young…

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Medical Conditions You Didn’t Know Marijuana Could Treat

Modern medicine is incredible. Many diseases that used to be a death sentence to a patient can now be managed and even cured through modern developments in medicine. However, many people don’t understand that the medicine they take to treat one ailment is made up of a cocktail of chemicals, toxins, and poisons that can have other negative impacts on…

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3 Common Threats to Your Health You Might Encounter Daily

You?d be surprised, perhaps, at how much of your environment is potentially toxic. Most people are aware of obvious threats — cigarettes, for example, or air pollution. What you might not realize, though, is that everything from your hamburger to your cell phone could be increasing your likeliness to develop a number of health problems — including cancer. Here?s what…

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New Studies Show A Low Carb Diet Can Combat Brain Tumors

A new study by the researchers University of Florida have shown that eating a diet that is high in fat and low in carbohydrates could have the effect of slowing the glioblastoma tumors, the most common type of brain cancer in humans, based on mice models with a brain tumor diagnosis. What are Glioblastoma Tumors? Glioblastoma tumors are the most…

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Five Tips to Take With You While Hearing Aid Shopping

Many people today rely on hearing aids to help overcome hearing loss and other auditory issues every single day. This is why having access to reliable treatments, medical checkups, and hearing aid repair services is so important for so many people. Understanding acute hearing prices and rates and what services ae available in any given area can help people know…

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How to Find a Medical Professional

Even the most healthy people can get sick — 50% of patients who suffer their first heart attack have a normal cholesterol level. While treatments like preventative medicine and a healthy lifestyle are very important, the fact is that illness can happen to anyone at anytime. It could be a product of genetics, environmental factors, or sheer chance, but not…

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The Anti-Aging Secret you Can’t go Another Minute Without Knowing

In Oscar Wilde’s only novel, a British dandy named Dorian Gray stayed young and handsome forever while a portrait an admirer had painted aged in his stead. If you’re thinking “If only I could be like Dorian!” then you’ve probably considered anti aging treatments and other lifestyle medicine. You’re not alone. In 2013, the anti aging industry netted fully 2.1…

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