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The Advantages Of In Home Elder Care

Senior citizen home care

Elder care is something that all of us will likely have to consider in the future, either for ourselves or our loved ones. While it was once commonplace to have people placed in retirement homes, it’s become increasingly evident that private home health care for seniors is perhaps a better option. With many recent news stories centered on elder abuse in retirement homes, many have become concerned about the quality of life offered in commercialized elder care. Furthermore, private care offers a more individualized experience that focuses on the single person’s needs rather than the needs of a large group. Help at home services could be the answer for those who need help, but don’t want to be just one among many at a retirement home. It could ensure that an elderly person’s golden years actually are golden, rather than simply a downhill tumble.

The Difference Between “Retirement Homes” And In Home Nursing Care

Retirement homes may have the word “home” in the title, but they rarely give an actual, home-like experience. In home elder care means that the individual doesn’t have to go through the physical and emotional stress of moving. Moving and leaving behind the familiar can be extremely stressful for the elderly, especially those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia — and with one in three seniors passing away from one or the other, the likelihood that your loved one will suffer from either is not low. Senior citizen home care involves individual caretakers visiting the senior’s home to care for them in whatever way is necessary. These caretakers are qualified and go through extensive training. They’re meant to be less of a clinical caretaker and more of a friend and support for the elderly person involved. Elder care can sometimes have the drawback of making an elderly person feel like they’re unable to be a human being anymore, making them feel like patients rather than regular people. The beauty of in home elder care is that the care is incorporated to their normal routines. It doesn’t upturn their lives, and becomes a part of normalcy for the elderly rather than robbing them of it. As these caretakers cannot care for dozens of people at a time, they bond with their charges and treat them like individuals. This bond is very important; unlike a loved one who may to be too emotionally involved, a caretaker does care while at the same time remaining impartial enough to make logical decisions and provide rational opinions when it comes to tough choices.

How In Home Care Improves Quality of Life

As discussed above, in home elder care does make the elderly feel more like regular people versus patients. It also means that they get to have more say in how their days go. This means that there isn’t going to be a day spent sitting in front of the TV. Activities will be fun and regular. It’s been reported that the happiest retirees engage in three or four activities daily, while the unhappiest engage in only one or two. In home caretakers take this into mind. They also facilitate connections with friends and family members. It’s the little things that count. Something as simple as taking into mind what a retiree wants to eat that day is something an in home caretaker will understand the importance of. With in home caretakers, the elderly feel like they still have agency and options. This goes a long way towards improving their self esteem and fostering a positive outlook.

For The Family: The Benefits To Relatives

The fact is that as of 2007, an estimated 12 million Americans needed long-term care. This puts a lot of burden and emotional guilt upon the relatives of people who need care. Not everyone can provide long-term care. Many people still need to work and care for their children. Hiring an in home caretaker means receiving regular updates and visiting your loved one easily. It means you can rest knowing your loved one is receiving the proper care.

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