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Electromagnetic Sensitivity in Expecting Mothers and Young Children

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The negative effects of cell phone and other technological radiations are still not properly researched. There is not enough information for research professionals to go on, as the popularity of technology is still somewhat new. There have, however, been preliminary reports regarding the harmful effects of the radiations that technology emits. This should be a concern for parents with young children, pregnant mothers and those with health concerns. These types of people or empaths are highly sensitive to electromagnetic sensitivity. They are at a greater risk for the harmful effects of these rays. Fortunately, there are already options for those wanting to protect themselves against these radiation rays.

It was concluded even in 2007 that existing public safety limits for EMF were inadequate to protect the public health, and agrees that new, biologically based public safety limits were needed five years ago. These safety limits are still not fully acquired and are not high as they should be, to ensure safety. Additionally, many people are not even aware of these harmful effects. There is little indication that cell phone users (whose numbers have risen from roughly 2 billion in 2006 to 6 billion users globally in 2012) are aware of the risks of EMF.

The harmful rays of these technological devices can result in illnesses, infertility and even in diseases such as ADHD and ADD. This is why it is extremely important for younger children to block these potentially harmful rays, to ensure that they are growing and developing properly. A bioelectric shield is a type of electromagnetic radiation protection for the body. It can come in many forms and shapes. The most popular is that of EMF protection jewelry. The EMF shield in the jewelry is not even noticeable, and it can reduce electromagnetic sensitivity and many of the harmful radiation rays from technology.

Electromagnetic sensitivity and an EMF blocker are very important to a mother to be. When the child is growing inside of the mother, this is the most crucial development period for the child. Damage to the mother from too much technological radiation can also harm the baby, prior to being born. Children whose mothers used cell phones during pregnancy had 25% more emotional problems, 35% more hyperactivity, 49% more conduct problems, and 34% more peer problems. Many of these problems could have been contributed greatly by the negative effects of the harmful rays.

Electromagnetic sensitivity is common in mother to be?s, young children and in those already dealing with health conditions. These people especially should be very careful with the harmful effects of technological rays. The limits are not high enough yet, and by the time the regulations are followed, it might be too late. The negative effects of the rays may have already begun damage. An EMF shield can provide a barrier to these harmful rays. They can also come in discreet and nice looking jewelry. The jewelry provides a barrier, without even requiring much thought. This is a great way to protect those who are prone to or who deal with electromagnetic sensitivity.

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