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3 Common Threats to Your Health You Might Encounter Daily

Full body protection

You?d be surprised, perhaps, at how much of your environment is potentially toxic. Most people are aware of obvious threats — cigarettes, for example, or air pollution. What you might not realize, though, is that everything from your hamburger to your cell phone could be increasing your likeliness to develop a number of health problems — including cancer. Here?s what you need to know.


There?s a reason you should never ask for a ?well done? burger — besides the fact that it will barely taste like meat at that point. The black, charred part of the meat that you may know and love can actually be a carcinogen. Recently, the World Health Organization recently went on record indicating that processed meat is a likely carcinogen — ranking alongside asbestos and arsenic. Just having a single sausage a day increases the likelihood of developing bowel cancer by 20%. Of course, there are still some nutritional benefits to having meat, but consumers are urged to consume less processed meat whenever possible.


EMF, or electromagnetic field radiation is something many of us are only recently aware of. Basically, it?s a field of electrical energy emitted by any electrical device — whether it?s a cell phone tower, a cell phone or a microwave. This can cause everything from headaches to short term memory loss. For people looking to escape from EMF, it can be hard to do since its spread is so pervasive. Luckily, though, EMF shielding can help to keep it away from the body. There are both EMF room shields one can place around the home, as well as EMF protection jewelry that keeps it away from the body. If EMF protection jewelry appeals to you, keep in mind that EMF protection necklaces are useful for giving to children.


Did you know that coffee is one of the top substances you should be buying organic? Coffee beans are often essentially bathed in chemicals before making it to your coffee bag, all roasted and ready. When we sip on our morning joe, it can feel a bit unpleasant to think of it as containing a bit of ammonia as well. Pesticides are often used to keep insects off the coffee beans, but not surprisingly this can lead to traces of chemicals finding their way into your coffee. Considering that most people drink coffee at least once a day, this can be a very important investment to make.

Will you be making changes to your life? Consider the positive impact on health and mind you can have by eliminating chemical bathed coffee and meat from your diet, and the benefits of using EMF protection jewelry. Let us know what you think!

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