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The Anti-Aging Secret you Can’t go Another Minute Without Knowing

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In Oscar Wilde’s only novel, a British dandy named Dorian Gray stayed young and handsome forever while a portrait an admirer had painted aged in his stead. If you’re thinking “If only I could be like Dorian!” then you’ve probably considered anti aging treatments and other lifestyle medicine.
You’re not alone. In 2013, the anti aging industry netted fully 2.1 billion dollars in retail revenue. There are the usual suspects, like botox and hormone replacement therapy, but there’s one treatment we’re betting you haven’t heard of yet — kybella.
1. Kybella Demystified
Kybella is the commercial name given to keoxycholic acid. It is a man made counterpoint to a naturally occurring substance in the body that absorbs fats. Kybella is primarily used to reduce the incidence of fat found under the jaw bone (the proverbial “double chin”).
2. How is kybella administered?
Much like botox, kybella is injected directly into the skin at the point under the chin housing the offending fat. In order to see results, around six sessions are necessary, with around 50 injections per session. For safety, sessions should be spaced out one month apart or more.
3. Things to note before starting a kybella treatment…
Obviously, even if you’re participating in some form of concierge medicine already, it is important to speak to your doctor or health professional at length before beginning kybella injections. Kybella can be extremely dangerous if:
-You are allergic to it
-You have an infection near the injection site
-You have thyroid disorder
-Your neck lymph nodes swell up habitually
-You have a bleeding disorder or are prone to blood clots
-You’ve already had extensive cosmetic surgery in the face and chin area
-You are a frequent aspirator or have trouble swallowing
It is also not yet known whether or not kybella negatively effects pregnancy, so extreme caution is advised if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant in the near future.
4. What are the side effects of kybella?
As with any drug, side effects vary. Common side effects however include:
-Pain, redness, swelling, etc. at and around the injection sites
-Numbness or a hardening of the skin near the treated area
If you experience any of THESE side effects however, call your doctor right away:
-Trouble swallowing
-Muscle weakness in the facial area
-An uneven smile
If all of this sounds like more trouble than it’s worth…
There are many things that you can do to fight aging that require no treatments whatsoever. For example, we highly recommend wearing sunscreen whenever you leave the house, even during the winter. (In fact, many studies suggest that UV light is more harmful during the winter, since only the strongest rays can penetrate cloud cover). If you smoke, just stop. Period. It ages you prematurely, turns your skin yellow, not to mention is highly correlated to lung cancer. Keeping skin well-hydrated in general is also a plus, as is frequent exercise and a good diet full of green, leafy vegetables. Also, not for nothing, but the science of make-up has advanced almost as profoundly as the science surrounding anti aging medicine.
At the end of the day…
Someone truly committed to fighting time will have a well-rounded arsenal of weapons, and kybella may or may not be one of them. If you do decide to ad kybella to your repertoire, be prepared for drastic change. You might start to wonder if you and Dorian Gray don’t have something in common after all.

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