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When Your “Cold” Won’t Go Away – Know When to See a Doctor

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Wintertime is often synonymous with the common cold. Colds are a viral infection that will typically go away on their own, but often times the persistent coughing and stuffy nose seems to linger for weeks at a time. There are important symptoms to look for that might indicate your cold is something much more serious and may require a visit to your doctor or the urgent care clinic.

Dizziness or fainting.
If you are lightheaded to the point where you might faint, your sickness may be something entirely different than a cold. A medical urgent care center can more accurately diagnose you if you?re experiencing dizzy spells. You may even be dehydrated and need an IV. If your condition isn?t life threatening, consider visiting an urgent care clinic. They can administer the IV and get you the fluids you need.
Your cough lasts for more than 10 days.
If your coughing persists for almost two weeks, it?s time to see a doctor. You may be suffering an infection or bronchitis and you might need antibiotics to treat it. Urgent care clinics can treat sinus infections by prescribing antibiotics. Visit a medical urgent care center if you do not want to wait for an appointment with your primary care physician.
A prolonged, high fever
This is another sign that your cold may have developed into some type of infection. Fevers over 102 degrees should be checked out by a medical professional to ensure you are not developing pneumonia. The common cold rarely brings on a fever, if at all. This is a key indicator to determine that your “cold” is something more serious.
Symptoms that get worse instead of better.
As previously stated, cold symptoms tend to slowly dissipate after about 10 days. If your symptoms are worsening, you?ll want to notify your health profession to diagnose any more serious medical conditions. If you?re experiencing any of these symptoms, stop by your local urgent care to get to the root of the problem.

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