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Not All Urgent Care Centers are Created Equal – Choose the Right Facility for Your Needs

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Urgent care facilities are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and quality medical treatment as an alternative to the ER. It seems as if physicians are opening urgent care centers left and right. As with any business, some urgent care facilities are arguably better than others, or can offer some features that other clinics do not. Know what to look for when choosing an urgent care center for your medical needs.
Do they offer extended hours? One of the main draws to an urgent care clinic is the extended hours. It?s tough to see a primary care doctor outside of regular business hours, so urgent care centers accommodate that by staying open late. However, even those extended hours aren?t enough for some busy people. Some clinics are open until 7pm, others until 10 or 11pm. Choose the one that fits around your schedule.
Do they see children? Check to see if your local urgent care center treats babies and children. It?s important to know if they have the necessary equipment and physicians to treat even the youngest infants in times of medical emergency.
Do they have qualified physicians? Feel free to ask the certifications and credentials of any of the physicians. It?s important to make sure the doctors or physicians are licensed and experienced to provide you with the highest quality of care.
Can they treat my specific ailment? If you need more advanced medical care, only some urgent care facilities are equipped to treat things like broken bones. Some clinics don?t have x-ray machines to accurately diagnose a break. You may find yourself having to go to the hospital anyway.
Do they accept insurance? What if I do not have insurance? Many urgent care centers do accept all major insurances, but what is more important is their fees for those without insurance. Different centers have different rates depending on the service performed. Some fees climb well over $150-$300. Make sure you’ll be able to afford an urgent care visit if your insurance is not accepted or you do not have any.
Don’t wait until there is a medical emergency to do research into which urgent care centers will be best for you. It’s a good idea to look up this information ahead of time so you can take action quickly when medical attention is needed. Find an urgent care center with knowledgeable, friendly staff that will feel like a great alternative to your primary care physician.

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