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How To Find The Skin Care Products That Are Perfect For You

For many, the key to confidence is glowing skin. Unfortunately, very few of us are born without some sort of skin issue — whether it be persistent acne, high sun sensitivity, premature wrinkling or age spot, dryness or even chronic skin conditions, like eczema. With a strict skin care routine and quality professional skin care products, many of these problems…

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The Case for Involving a Doctor in Your Weight Loss Plan

It’s after the holidays, which means you’re currently being bombarded with commercial after commercial about weight loss and exercise. If you feel a twinge of guilt or anxiety when these come on, then you’re not alone. Approximately one third of the U.S. population is considered overweight, and another third is full on obese. That means that a large majority of…

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Live Healthy Without the Usual Healthcare Headaches — Urgent Care and Its Benefits

Being sick is a time none of us wants to remember. Health concerns and diseases need prompt medical attention, and for many, a trip to the nearest ER is what does the trick. Seeing a doctor is something that all of us have to do from time to time, and finding good quality care in little time while remaining within…

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9 Great Acupuncture Benefits

More and more people are turning to acupuncture for a variety of medical conditions. The National Health Interview Survey released a report recently showing that at least 14 million Americans have tried acupuncture. Nearly 30 studies have shown it is effective at reducing pain by around 50%. It has been endorsed by the World Health Organization as being an effective…

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An Ear Nose and Throat Doctor Can Help With More Than Ear Infections

Most parents have whisked an infant or toddler to the pediatrician at least once seeking treatment for an ear infection. In fact, 90% of children will have one before age 2. For 30% of those, the ear infections are recurring and many parents find themselves at an ear nose and throat doctor seeking relief for their little one. Although an…

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The Three Medical Options Available for Your Health

Sometimes it feels like the world around us is changing so fast and in so many ways that it is difficult to know why these changes are happening. The American medical system has seen significant changes over the past decade with the introduction of new legislation such as the Affordable Care Act. Here are three ways that Americans can continue…

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What Is the Future of Telemedicine?

Today is a perfect example of the benefits and future of telemedicine. You woke up to the wind knocking over the furniture on your deck. While you slept, the temperatures plummeted to five degrees, with a windchill factor of 20 below. After a week of rain, sleet, snow intermittingly making everything a complete slushy mess, the falling temperatures have made…

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