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4 Ways to Break the Habit of Smoking

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Almost 100 years of research shows that smoking cigarettes is extremely harmful to a person’s health, and the best way to avoid these negative health effects is by never starting to smoke in the first place. For people who already smoke, modern advances in nicotine replacement therapy offer several options to help smokers reduce their consumption of cigarettes or stop smoking altogether. There are lots of ways to begin a program to quit smoking, and some of the top options include nicotine gum, the nicotine patch, and liquid e cig juice that can be used in electronic cigarette products.

If you want to quit smoking but don’t know where to begin, you should do some research online to find out more about the resources available for people who want to break the habit. If you’re interested in trying e-cigs, check out some e cig liquid reviews online before picking a flavor, because some get higher ratings than others. The best place to start is by talking to a professional who can help you create a plan to stop smoking. The number of e-cig users is expected to quadruple in the next four years, and the availability of high quality e-cigs is increasing. Before you decide which route you want to take to quit smoking, read these tips on how to break the bad habit.

    1. Find a replacement habit
    Lots of people smoke because it’s nervous habit that helps them deal with boredom or anxiety, so one of the best ways to break the habit is by replacing it with a new one. If you like having something to do while you’re waiting or trying to cut down on stress, consider chewing gum or buying a coffee to take your mind off of the craving. You might even find that after a few weeks, you feel better when you’re not smoking and you like your new replacement habit more than smoking cigarettes.

    2. Get the support of friends and family
    If you’re trying to quit smoking, share this goal with the important people in your life so they know you’re going through a difficult time. They will be more forgiving if you have mood swings, and they can help distract you so you’re not always thinking about cigarettes. It’s also helpful to have people you can talk to when you’re doubting the decision to quit, so make sure before you decide to quit smoking, you have at least one person who can help you along the way.

    3. Don’t hang out with other smokers
    One of the hardest things about quitting smoking is dealing with cravings, and it can trigger an intense craving if you have visual cues of other people smoking cigarettes. It also makes it easier to get a cigarette from a friend if you don’t have any, so whenever possible it’s best to avoid people who smoke when you’re trying to quit.

    4. Reward yourself
    When you reach a milestone of a few days or weeks without cigarettes, it’s important to reward yourself for this huge accomplishment. You can set aside the money you would have spent on cigarettes and go shopping or buy yourself something special. This is a critical step in your success, because it reinforces the positive effects that quitting smoking will have on your life long-term.

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